A homeowner sitting in the entryway to her container home in the California wilderness

Having shipping container scraps repurposed for a new home is an excellent idea for California families. They convert into luxurious, homely, and spacious stays and are eco-friendly. 

So, you might be wondering, who would be the best shipping container home builders to take up these construction projects?

Well, fear not. We’ve scoured the ‘net and compiled a list of the top ten shipping container home builders in the Golden State for your convenience.

The Top Shipping Container Home Builders in California

Roxbox Containers and DeMaria Design Association are well-known for their luxurious container homes. SteelBlox and Custom Container Living offer quick construction, while TAYNR Steel Frame Construction Homes offers the cheapest options. 

Today, we will check out these container home builders and what they are famous for.

We will also look at how they make shipping container homes sustainable architectural success for California, so read on. 

Roxbox Containers: Luxurious Sustainable Living

If you want a customized, attractive, and sustainable container home in California, Roxbox Containers has you covered.

Its residential luxury container homes stand out thanks to their durable builds, state-of-the-art interiors, and the best-repurposed designs that turn scraps into luxury. 

While the number of modifications offered on the standard design is limited for individual homeowners, there are some options available, as detailed on the website. 

However, Roxbox understands and executes the wildest designer home projects its developer clients can think of.

For instance, the company has partnered with Box and Boulder to offer its line of luxury shipping containers.

Exterior arial view of a Roxbox Containers and Box and Boulder container home collaboration
Courtesy of Box and Boulder

You can choose from unique luxury models or pick up its self-designed shells, complete with doors, windows, and other necessities that you can modify to meet your needs.

Typically, the wait time for a home is around six to eight months. 

California Tiny House: Quaint and Recycled Homes 

Check out California Tiny House for an innovative, chic, and quaint shipping container home.

As a family-owned business, you can expect this company to prioritize your visions, comfort, and budget.  

Interior view of a tiny container home by California Tiny House
Courtesy of California Tiny House

Its experienced staff is experts at turning upcycled shipping containers and scraps into beautiful homey interiors with ample lighting and living space. 

California Tiny House has been in the game since 2014, customizing and enhancing clients’ dream homes and turning them into realities.

The company is active in the tiny house movement in California, ensuring education in construction and working towards passing necessary bills. 

Exterior side view of a California Tiny House container home
Courtesy of California Tiny House

The firm is reliable and will provide a holistic experience from design to possession of the house. 

You can also check out a new project, Vesta 32, a trailer-container home model on its website. It is a tiny home, with ample light and air-way to enlarge living space!

SteelBlox: Hassle-Free Craftsmanship

SteelBlox helps you achieve your dream shipping container home and ensures the legalities are quick and easy. Its traditional yet innovative designs give its finished home warmth and beauty. 

Interior view of a SteelBlox container home
Courtesy of SteelBlox

SteelBlox is well-known for its experienced staff, who can help you in the following ways, including:

  • Guaranteeing construction speed and pocket-friendly prices for your modular homes
  • Ensuring designs are more accessible for quick deliveries
  • Reduce legal waiting time for construction so that your house is ready in no time. 

At SteelBox, impeccable craftsmanship, vision, and perfect end-product are priorities.

As a business for over 70 years, SteelBlox has mastered the art of customization.

In addition, the company has all sorts of in-house craftsmen, ensuring that all your construction needs are met. 

Exterior backyard view of a SteelBlox container home
Courtesy of SteelBlox

These high-end architectural projects yield the most magnificent homes with the best living solutions.

While their pricing can be steep, their shipping container homes are a long-term investment for a more sustainable and durable future. 

Kubed Living: Unrivaled Residential Variety

Efficiency and affordability are Kubed Living‘s motto.

Its residential buildings have blended in sustainable and traditional architectures to form the most beautiful houses from shipping equipment. 

Exterior inward-looking view of a Kubed Living container home
Courtesy of Kubed Living

Here, you can choose among:

  • Custom
  • Pre-Designed
  • Multi-Family

Custom container homes are for those who love a fully-personalized shipping container residence.

Kubed Living offers complete project coordination and design services to engineer the house of your dreams. 

Exterior view of a Kubed Living container home's backyard patio space
Courtesy of Kubed Living

If you want to choose from some professional shipping container home designs, check out Kubed’s pre-designed architectures, built to last.

The company works to keep costs low, improve construction efficiency, and use the latest construction technology and design for your shipping container home. 

Lastly, Kubed Living’s multi-family residential shipping container homes are for those who aim to build a sustainable and durable community.

Each choice is affordable, quick, and comes with full support from the company’s engineers and designers. 

Custom Container Living: Sustainability Redefined

Interior view of a Custom Container Living modular home
Courtesy of Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living’s motto is to build unique, sustainable, and durable shipping container living spaces. These homes follow strict safety and municipality protocols, making them easy to acquire.

Depending on your preferences, these domicles are affordable, ranging from $29k to over $100k.

Since steel is a dominant architectural material, you can expect the utmost durability in these shipping container homes.

And thanks to experienced craftsmanship, they take very little time to build. 

Exterior view of a Custom Container Living modular home in the mountains
Courtesy of Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living also helps reuse thousands of abandoned shipping containers and upcycles them into sustainable homes.

And these homes also use less energy to keep your electronic devices running!

TAYNR Steel Frame Container Homes: Cheap Customization

For those looking for a quick and easy solution to shipping container homes, TAYNR is your friend.

Its results are fast, and TAYNR ensures the highest quality and durability in its steel container homes. 

Exterior view of a TAYNR container home's back deck area
Courtesy of TAYNR

Efficiency, safety, and sustainability are essential bulwarks of TAYNR without compromising build times and practicalities. Its designs are flexible, with a vast number of choices. 

The best feature of TAYNR homes is they are resistant to risks like:

  • Pest infestation
  • Fire
  • Earthquake
  • Corrosion damage

These designs are sustainable and fit all your personalized plans.

In addition, the company offers versatile DIY kits, complete with ceiling choices, interior wall options, and Necessary Residential Parts.

Interior view of a TAYNR container home
Courtesy of TAYNR

TAYNR also allows stopping the build at any point, so if you want to work on the rest of the house yourself, you can ask the company to stop at any time you choose. 

Proto Homes LLC: Seamless Construction Support

Proto Homes LLC proves that architectural and design technology has come a long way, as it provides building components that homeowners can assemble easily without the support of trained subcontractors. 

Interior view of a Proto Homes LLC's living space
Courtesy of Proto Homes LLC

These homes’ architecture includes stainless steel and an aluminum space frame, with several easy-to-install components so you can put your own house together on-site.

To reinforce the home’s security, you can download its Proto Platform app on your smartphone to simplify and access construction materials. 

You can add your project inquiry on the app, which will help you build it with the best resources.

The app also makes it convenient to manage your projects and work with a team of experienced builders to fabricate your ultimate home. 

Exterior view of a Proto Homes LLC
Courtesy of Proto Homes LLC

You can also use the app to:

  • Access and stay updated with project information and notifications.
  • Check your building permits and documents online.
  • Track your house’s container parts and shipment status

Plant Prefab: Sustainable and Sensible

Plant Prefab will make your dream come true if you love custom-designed container home plans.

You can also opt for pre-designed blueprints to help build your own container home. The firm has several customizable designs that you can easily modify to suit your needs. 

Exterior view of a Plant Prefab container home's backyard patio
Courtesy of Plant Prefab

Apart from its standard designs, Plant Prefab also offers customization services for people who want something different or more specific than those offered with traditional designs.

In addition, the company provides support for home rebuilds and ensures that the new construction is fire-resistant.

Interior view of a Plant Prefab container home's living space and kitchen
Courtesy of Plant Prefab

These homes are reliable and durable, with efficient interior and exterior features.

What’s more, plant Prefab frequently partners with world-renowned architectures to curate the most spacious and healthy container homes for all its clients. 

Honomobo Container Homes: Online Ordering

If you are looking for local factory-built certified shipping container homes, Honomobo is one of the best companies.

You can even order your dream container home online! 

Interior view of a Honomobo container home's living space and back deck
Courtesy of Honomobo

These dwellings can be expensive, but they are steel-constructed, giving them the most durable architectural stability.

You will receive all details of your home’s build, such as:

  • Parts to be used
  • Project budget
  • Blueprint
  • Delivery
  • Installation
Exterior view of a Honomobo container home
Courtesy of Honomobo

These houses encourage efficient and environmentally-friendly living through their upcycled shipping container scrap utilization.

Hence, they are spacious, bright, and beautiful from within, making them sustainably one of the most elegant shipping houses.  

DeMaria Design Association: Convenient Steel Homes

Suitable shipping container housing is only possible through work experience and residential knowledge. And DeMaria Design Association encourages creativity and vision to execute the perfect home for you. 

Courtesy of DeMaria Design Association

DeMaria has been building prospective homebuyers their dream shipping container homes since these modular abodes became legalized across the US.

Its architectural and interior design flares make it one of the most sought-after firms to build residential and commercial dwellings. 

The company’s forte in interior designs and beauty has helped it build the most magnificent homes for all its modular home clients.

So if you are looking for a brand that prioritizes spacious, luxurious, and visionary interiors, DeMaria Design Association is for you.

Exterior view of a DeMaria Design Association container home
Courtesy of DeMaria Design Association

Backcountry Containers – Nationwide Container Home Provider

If you’re looking for a container home provider company with a nationwide reputation, Backcountry Containers is your best bet.

This family owned and operated company uses 20 and 40-foot containers to create functional, unique, and modern dwelling spaces.

Backcountry Containers was founded by an aeronautical engineer. Therefore, the professional creates container homes that are sure to stand the test of time.

As one of the best shipping container homes in California, Backcountry Containers specializes in custom and standard container homes. 

Most of its standard container models have featured on shows such as HGTV’s ‘Tiny House Big Living’ and the company’s DIY Network TV show ‘Containables’.

The best part about this company is that it designs its container homes to maximize their small footprint while connecting owners to the outdoors.

Its main standard models include:

  • Small container homes
  • Hunting cabin
  • Large container home
  • Container office

We also like this company because it has partnered with LightStream, a premier online consumer lender, to provide fast and easy financing to customers.

Therefore, it makes everything easier, especially for those on a tight budget.

The company’s financing doesn’t have restrictions on model type or location.

Also, its easy online process puts you at the center of everything so you can know the progress and stages.

Final Thoughts

California is home to numerous homebuilders of various styles.

But if you’re in the market for a sustainable container home, any of the firms featured here are more than well-equipped to bring your vision to life. 

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top sustainable home builders in California.

We also have a great list of the best modular homebuilders in California as well. Plenty of options to pick from for your new home for sure (we think, anyway).

Best of luck on your homebuying journey!

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