What is Attainable Home?

An attainable home is the ability to afford and own a home that is within reach financially, and is where we want to live. Meaning that if you work hard and save up for a down payment then you can buy a house with a reasonable price to kick off the American Dream, and begin the path to the biggest wealth creator we have available. While this is the still the case in some areas of the country, most large and popular cities and metro areas have simply become out of reach for most people.

A lot goes into why that is – supply and demand, population growth, job growth, land scarcity, area desirability, local and state level dynamics, etc. But it’s also a lot more than that. Whether you’re in the USA or throughout the world, we all live in basically the same monetary and financial system, and different sets of laws, central banks that manipulate the money supply, and debt-based economies. This overall system or ruleset defines whether our choices get us ahead or leave us behind.


Wealth Inequality in America – from a great video on Youtube made in 2012. The numbers are far worse now in 2019.

We all see it going on around us.

  • Wages are not going up but housing prices have skyrocketed.
  • Why bread, milk, healthcare, cars, and everything else seems to get more expensive over time.
  • Why the term “the rich get richer” is more true than ever today while most of the country is struggling, and the wealth gap hasn’t been this wide since the 1930’s.

Having an Attainable Home, at the end of the day, is an idea. An idea that everyone has the right and the chance to work hard, live comfortably, and have prosperity throughout their life, without the worry of staying or slipping into hardship, as it is so easy to do in our current economic climate. And we’re happy to say that it’s still possible.

It is perhaps fitting that the inaugural post comes on the first day of Financial Literacy Month, which celebrates and promotes having skills and knowledge that allows us to make informed and beneficial decisions for us and our families.

We are here to say that

Erin Shine

Erin Shine

Founder | Attainable Home

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