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Boasting breathtaking natural landscapes and an excess of natural resources, it is little wonder why Yukon, Canada, is a great place to live. While the climate is uniformly cold, summers are pleasant, with temperatures that usually breach 77ºF. So if you enjoy the cold and quite comfortable summers, this is the perfect place to raise a family or live independently. 

Yukon also has a diverse economy, but the tourism industry primarily supports it. The cost of living in Yukon is also lower than in other Canadian localities, and the typical family can earn $94,000 per year, leading to a comfortable lifestyle.

The weekly wages offered in the Yukon are higher than the standard average, and there is zero sales tax on imported goods.

However, if you wish to save costs during home construction, you may want to consider a modular home regardless of your income. 

Fortunately, this province offers several adept modular builders. And for your convenience, we’ve narrowed down the best ones for you:

The Best Modular Home Builders in Yukon

Our list of the top six modular builders in Yukon that stand apart from the rest includes:

  1. Western Modular Homes
  2. Construction Yukon
  3. Lindal Cedar Homes
  4. SRI Homes 
  5. Best Buy Homes 
  6. Evergreen Homes and Construction 

So now that you’ve seen the rundown let’s delve into what each esteemed company can offer prospective homebuyers. 

Western Modular Homes

Western Modular Homes builds multi-section luxury houses as two-story and one-piece units. All homes are custom-made at its Nisku Facility as per client specifications. 

Exterior front view of a Western Modular Homes house
Courtesy of Western Modular Homes

Customers can easily choose from a wide range of floor plans through its sales center and website. However, the homes are not outfitted with a frame or vinyl wallboard.

If you prefer a DIY approach, the team at Western Modular Homes can help resize or customize one of the existing drafts or create a plan from scratch per your needs. 

Interior kitchen view of a Western Modular Homes house
Courtesy of Western Modular Homes

The firm also specializes in building homes on-site at your chosen location and will transport everything itself. If you have construction experience, you can ask it to drop off the materials for you to assemble. 

Construction Yukon

Construction Yukon has decades of experience building modular homes using a straightforward process its clients have come to appreciate. So irrespective of the size of the house you need, it can deliver. 

The team also guides customers on each step of the modular homebuilding process from start to finish to ensure they get their dream home. In addition, it makes the experience as stress-free as possible.

Exterior backyard view of a Construction Yukon modular home
Courtesy of Construction Yukon

The contractor has a simple step-by-step process:

  • Step 1 – Call to learn about its factory-framed homes and have any queries answered. 
  • Step 2 – Choose a floor plan or a home style you are looking for. The team will create a budget based on the first few designs to determine if it is sufficient.
  • Step 3 – A project coordinator will be your single point of contact with Winton, who will ensure everything goes according to plan.
  • Step 4– A truck delivers the home in pieces, and construction begins.
  • Step 5 – Add personal touches after discussing them with your project coordinator. 
  • Step 6 – Move into your brand-new modular home!

The company also offers TM Mobile Homes suitable for businesses that boast rare commercial durability. 

Lindal Cedar Homes

Lindal Cedar Homes provide prefab houses to the Yukon territories along with Calgary, Edmonton, Northwest Territory, and Columbia Valley. Since 2000, the founders have guided clients in building their dream houses on a budget and without compromising the environment. 

Exterior front view of a Lindal Homes modular home
Courtesy of Lindal Cedar Homes

The company’s commitment to its clientele is unmatched. It is still considered a top 10 dealer worldwide since 2006 and has been recognized as the #1 Canadian Lindal dealer for years!  

This modular home builder prides itself on providing the best green homes for Yukon residents to help them control their costs. The website has several blogs on prefabricated homes penned by the former CEO and green home consultant Michael Harris. 

Interior view of a Lindal Cedar Homes modular green home
Courtesy of Lindal Cedar Homes

Some of the services offered include the following:

  • Bonuses for referrals
  • Financial feasibility study
  • Home design services
  • Assistance in acquiring building permits
  • Reliable support throughout the design and building process
  • A lifetime structural warranty

Each home is designed according to the personal style and budget requirements of its clients’ outline. The company is dedicated to the environment as well. For over two decades, Lindal Cedar has worked with the American Forests Global ReLeaf program to plant over 100,000 trees that it uses as material for its prefab homes. 

SRI Homes 

SRI Homes in Kelowna is located in Western Canada and is one of the three at the northern end. 

It is considered one of the area’s most extensive modular home manufacturing facilities, covering over 140,000 square feet and over 30 acres of land. The company has built modular homes in Kelowna for over three decades and has retailers across Canada, including the Yukon. 

Interior view of a SRI Homes' kitchen
Courtesy of SRI Homes

The company uses only the best materials to build homes and sources materials from reliable and established suppliers. It also has a quality assurance program that ensures each stage of the construction process is inspected thoroughly beforehand and the homes are protected from the elements. 

SRI Homes doesn’t want its clients to lift a finger. It takes care of everything from helping you place your order from the factory to ensuring deliveries are made on time and final inspections are thorough. All prices and charges are upfront.

Interior view of a SRI Homes' living room
Courtesy of SRI Homes

The facility stands out with unique modular homes that it calls Cape Cod. These were revealed in 1997 and quickly became one of the top factory homes. The units are designed to fit into a basement foundation and can easily merge into any residential block. Besides the Cape Cod series, SRI Homes also offers Rancher, Split Entry, and Triple Wide modular homes in the Yukon. 

Best Buy Homes 

Best Buy Homes is a modular home retailer offering options to Yukon residents. It boasts a team of dedicated home specialists across Canada who can aid you in narrowing down your choice for the best factory-built home your money can buy.

The team in Yukon is led by Lisa Gifford, who spent her life in the province as an interior designer and a paramedic. She started as a customer of Best Buy Homes before working with the retailer. Lisa has spent most of her life serving Yukoners, and with her impressive team, she ensures the home-buying journey is stress-free and hassle-free. 

Interior view of a kitchen by Best Buy Homes
Courtesy of Best Buy Homes

What’s great about buying modular homes from Best Buy Homes is that you don’t have to leave the comfort of your home to visit the build site. Instead, you can take a virtual tour of the ones you are interested in, and the retailer will do the rest.

The website also features an extensive photo gallery with high-res pictures of the homes you may be interested in. 

Evergreen Homes and Construction 

Evergreen Homes and Construction is one of the best prefab homebuilders in the Yukon. The full-service firm also constructs commercial structures as per custom needs.

Interior view of a Evergreen Homes and Construction house
Courtesy of Evergreen Homes and Construction

Also known as Northern Sustainable Development Ltd, the company was founded by David Couke and Joe Glynn, who wanted to provide eco-friendly and sustainable housing options in Whitehouse and throughout the Yukon territories.

The company was founded back in 2009 and, to date, has manufactured over 400 homes making it one of the premier homebuilders in the country. It boasts an excellent team of designers and builders who ensure clients realize their vision practically but do so without compromising aesthetics.

Exterior front view of a Evergreen Homes and Construction house
Courtesy of Evergreen Homes and Construction

This sustainable home builder in Yukon offers clients a seven-step home-buying process that takes care of all of their needs at each stage of the home-buying process. 

From helping them choose their favorite unit and getting mortgage assistance to finalizing essential contracts and a pre-delivery inspection, the firm leaves no stone unturned to ensures you get a house without stressing out. 

Final Word

A modular home in Yukon is a dream that many in the province would love to realize. If you are one of them, we hope our guide to the province’s top contractors and companies can also help you.

Whether you need a two-story, one-story, or multiple-story modular home, you can find a reliable company from our list that can ensure you make the right choices when choosing materials, interior, financing options, and more. 

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