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Situated on the eastern seaboard of North America, Nova Scotia is one of the four original provinces that composed the Dominion of Canada. The area’s low cost of living and growing cities make it one of the best places to live in Canada.

However, investing in a green home in Nova Scotia will make your life more comfortable while minimizing your utility bills and protecting the environment. As such, you must hire a reliable green home builder to ensure your new home is comfortable and meets stipulated building code standards.

We’ve compiled a list of the top sustainable green home builders in Nova Scotia to make your work easier. These builders can help you create an energy-efficient, cost-savvy, and durable home to ensure it lasts for generations.

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Sustainable Green Homes – An Overview

Sustainable green homes entail resource efficiency and environmental consideration in the development and building processes at every stage, aiming to reduce environmental impact.

The home’s construction, operation, and design layout emphasize resource-efficient building design and materials, energy and water efficiency, and indoor air quality. But most of all, builders focus on the overall impact on the surrounding environment.

Now that you know what a sustainable green home is and what you can expect from it, let’s have a closer look at some of the best green builders in Nova Scotia. 

The Best Green Home Builders in Nova Scotia

Here is our list of the standout green home builders in Nova Scotia, including:

  • Han-Cor Construction Inc.
  • Sawlor Built Homes
  • White Stone Development
  • Stones Superior Homes  
  • Savvy Homes Construction Ltd. 
  • Habit Studio
  • Lloyoll 
  • Orkid Homes

So, without further ado, let’s investigate what each of these esteemed green home construction firms has to offer prospective homebuyers.

Han-Cor Construction Inc.

Han-Cor Construction Inc. is a locally-owned and operated, award-winning sustainable home builder in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

With more than 20 years of experience, the company has provided quality construction and outstanding customer service to each client.

Interior kitchen view of a Han-Cor Construction Inc. green home
Courtesy of Han-Cor Construction Inc.

Han-Cor is devoted to quality craftsmanship, building energy-efficient new homes and offering fantastic renovation services.

The company has won several awards for its cost-effective new homes, quality work, energy efficiency, and community service.

In addition, the firm undertakes all sorts of work, from custom trimming and framing to masterpiece projects.

Moreover, Han-Cor also provides a free estimation to all interested homeowners.

Why Choose Han-Cor Construction Inc.

  • Han-Cor works with utmost care to ensure your house is built to perfection and on schedule
  • Proud member of the Home Builder’s Association of Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Provides a seven-year guarantee for new custom homes

Sawlor Built Homes

One of the most renowned home builders in Nova Scotia, Sawlor Built Homes delivers a superior home building experience, owing to its 50+ years of experience.

Interior view of a green home by Sawlor Built Homes
Courtesy of Sawlor Built Homes

When working with this third-generation firm, there are no surprises since they keep clients informed every step of the way, from cost estimates to the building process.

It partners with each client and works with them towards a common goal, i.e., building the best home possible that exceeds your expectations.

The company has experienced project managers, senior carpenters, engineering technicians, and interior designers to build the house of your dreams.

In addition, Sawlor Built is well-known throughout the Nova Scotia region for building net-zero homes to help you save money on energy bills while also providing convenience. 

Interior view of a green home by Sawlor Built Homes
Courtesy of Sawlor Built Homes

Why Choose Sawlor Built Homes

  • Partnerships with suppliers, vendors, and clients to ensure the best outcome of every project
  • It offers new home warranty insurance coverage and location certificates
  • The company is certified to build all levels of energy-efficient homes by undertaking green home building standards in Nova Scotia
  • Sawlor Built Homes is a National Association of Home Builders (NAHB)-certified green company. 

Whitestone Developments

Founded in 1995, Whitestone Developments is a family-owned and operated home construction firm.

The company’s commitment to quality, excellent communication, customer satisfaction, and trust are just a few ways it sets itself apart from other market players.

Exterior view of a Whitestone Developments green home's back patio
Courtesy of Whitestone Developments

When working with Whitestone, you can have peace of mind and confidence knowing that you’ve trusted your dream home to a firm with more than 20 years of green home construction and renovation experience.

Whitestone’s renovation and construction projects are backed with a full satisfaction guarantee and confirmed with a detailed written agreement no matter the size.

Moreover, the company takes great pride in its commitment to research, certification, and training related to the latest trends and developments. 

As a further testament to its dedication, Whitestone is proud of its national and provincial industry awards for energy efficiency, new home construction, renovations, and customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Whitestone Developments

  • It ensures appropriate inspection, safety, permits, and liability compliance on every project to provide complete peace of mind to clients
  • With a one-stop, hassle-free process, the company gives consultation and advice, from concept to completion
  • Provides a certified “Aging in Place” program to make each home accessible for future generations with or without functional limitations
  • Each Whitestone-built home follows the R-2000 standard

Savvy Homes Construction Ltd.

Savvy Homes Construction is committed to building top-quality, energy-efficient, affordable luxury homes.

Founded in 2006, the company was established to create innovative and solid designs for single-detached and semi-detached houses.

Interior view of a Savvy Homes Construction Ltd. green home's kitchen
Courtesy of Savvy Homes Construction Ltd.

Each home built by the company follows energy-efficient practices to ensure the easy future maintenance of each home.

In addition, its larger executive homes are built with one-of-a-kind designs coupled with the latest interior elements and trends best suited for a family.

Savvy Homes Construction is a proud member of the Nova Scotia Home Builders Association, serving the areas of Cole Harbour, Beaver Bank, and Twin Brooks. 

Why Choose Savvy Homes Construction Ltd.

  • Specialized in custom home designs and finishes 
  • Commitment to delivering the highest quality craftsmanship with personalized project management tailored to the unique needs of every client
  • Provides a wide array of house plans with custom-designed spaces suitable for everybody

Stones Superior Homes

Established in 1975, Stones Superior Homes is another local family-owned and operated green home builder serving the residents of Nova Scotia. 

Exterior front view of a Stones Superior Homes green home
Courtesy of Stones Superior Homes

For more than 40 years, this sustainable construction firm has developed an exceptional reputation for delivering high-quality and energy-efficient houses to families in Nova Scotia. 

The company proudly sells Prestige Homes since they provide some of the most innovative modular home design concepts.

Moreover, Stones Superior Homes are also committed to building affordable cottages and homes; with elegance, style, and superior quality.

Why Choose Stones Superior Homes

  • Won the highly acclaimed SHARP Award for the category of “Best Air Tightness in New Home Construction” and also the Pictou County Chamber of Commerce Large Business of the Year Award
  • RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards 2021 nominee
  • The company is well-known for its specialization in various architectural styles and award-winning home designs.
  • Offers things like superior comfort, healthier indoor air quality, a smaller carbon footprint, more energy efficiency, and a house that’ll eventually save you money in the long run.
  • Commitment to delivering the highest quality of craftsmanship, with personalized project management tailored to the unique needs of every client

Habit Studio

With a vision to leave the world a better place with eco-friendly, meaningful, exceptional, and transformational homes, Habit Studio is among the companies you can rely on for your green project.

The company specializes in sustainable Passive Houses and whole-home renovations across Atlantic Canada. It designs its homes with attention to lighting, meaningful views, and evocative materials.

Its core values, focussed on serving the clients, have been the backbone of the company’s success.

These values include:

  • Sustainability: Building eco-friendly homes to conserve the planet.
  • Expertise: It guarantees first-class home designs delivered by skilled and experienced professionals.
  • Intuition: Working with curiosity and intuition to design spaces that meet clients’ needs.
  • Professionalism: Focuses on delivering value to clients with integrity.

What sets Habit Studio apart is that it designs and builds its Passive Houses to be comfortable, healthy, and energy-efficient. These buildings are more affordable to own than their conventionally-built counterparts.

It creates all its green homes to maintain a 20℃ temperature year-round while consuming 80-90% less energy than their traditional counterparts.

Why Choose Habit Homes?

  • More efficient Passive House
  • It uses advanced building science
  • Its homes use 80-90% less energy than traditional houses
  • Home customization to your liking


Located in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia, Lloyoll specializes in eco-friendly homes built with timber frames, functional carvings, and other sustainable features.

It employs sustainable architecture and energy-efficient home designs to develop green and sustainable building processes.

Lloyoll designs and builds prefab modular homes with a focus on reducing their carbon footprints and waste generation.

The team at Lloyoll combines experience and creativity with old-world craft to create highly precise and reliable prefab homes.

We featured this company on our list of the top sustainable green home builders in Nova Scotia for a good reason. It employs fine-craft architecture to harness the efficiencies of modern modular homes.

The company incorporates a unique construction process that entails:

  • Step 1: Designing and customizing the home through a customization tool.
  • Step 2: Submitting the customized design with its destination to get cost estimates, final details, and delivery information.
  • Step 3: Planning and walkthrough for the steps required to prepare the site before delivery.
  • Step 4: Delivery and staging for your home.

Why Choose Lloyoll?

  • Fast delivery of prefab modular homes
  • An easy step-wise process
  • Functional carvings for each home
  • Excellent energy efficiency

Orkid Homes

Finally, Orkid Homes provides comfortable, classy, and contemporary eco-friendly homes.

The company employs industry-leading, progressive, and eco-friendly processes to make its homes as green as possible. These homes are also designed to be high-performance and comfortable.

The best part is that this company designs its projects to stand out. All homes come with a colorful-rich beauty, both on the interior and exterior.

Since Orkid Homes has meticulously well-planned and thought-out floor plans, it guarantees a touch of luxury in all homes. 

It also employs experienced interior designers, engineers, and architects to convert its floor plans into high-end sustainable homes.

Why Choose Orkid Homes?

  • It incorporates industry-leading technologies and processes
  • It designs and builds its homes to stand out
  • It guarantees lavish living rooms
  • Clients get modernistic kitchens

Choosing the Best Sustainable Builder in Nova Scotia

An environmentally friendly home might be a tad bit pricy initially. However, the money you’ll save down the road will make up for the preliminary investment.

The green home builders mentioned are considered some of the province’s best. We are optimistic they’ll understand your vision and requirements for your dwelling.

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top modular builders in the province, as several of the companies featured construct homes that are also considered sustainable, and may delivery to your area of the Nova Scotia.

Best of luck in your home hunting!

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