A green home and lighthouse along the Maine coastline

Maine may be one of the smallest states in the country in terms of population, but it is also one of the most charming ones. People love living here for the high quality of life, relaxing natural scenery, and low cost of living.

In recent years, many individuals and families have relocated to or in Maine, building houses in major cities such as Portland, Augusta, and Bangor. 

As eco-footprint has become more top of mind among the general public, many of these homes were built with energy efficiency and sustainability in mind.

If you also would like to have your own sustainable ‘green’ home built in Maine, you will be glad to learn that many builders in the state specialize in this area. To assist in your search, we have compiled a list of the state’s eight top green home builders. 

The Best Green Home Builders in Maine

Here’s our list of the eight best sustainable builders in Maine that stand apart from the rest, including:

  • Emerald Builders
  • Maine Passive House
  • Maine Eco Homes
  • Landicity Builders
  • Built By Adams
  • Ginger Hill Design + Build
  • Graystone Builders
  • Taggart Construction

So, without further ado, let’s break down what each of these acclaimed companies has to offer homebuyers.

Emerald Builders

Emerald Builders is a builder based in Bowdoinham. The company has been around since 2006 and was founded by a carpenter. Emerald Builders specialize in constructing high-performance buildings and energy-efficient homes utilizing environmentally-friendly products and processes in their builds.

Interior view of a Emerald Builders green home
Courtesy of Emerald Builders

The builder uses a combination of traditional building methods and innovative building science. Emerald homes are ‘solar-ready’ and are built to be airtight with the help of several material layers.

The company prioritizes insulation in its builds using thick walls and minimal thermal bridging. The end product is an energy-efficient home with traditional and modern qualities.

Emerald Builders collaborate with designers and reliable subcontractors to ensure your new home is beautiful, sustainable, and healthy. Clients will get the chance to meet the future home’s designer and builder and explain their vision to them. 

It will then get to work to turn that vision into reality.

Consider hiring Emerald Builders if you’re looking for a great sustainable green home that utilizes environmentally friendly materials and practices in its construction.

Maine Passive House

Maine Passive House is a builder based in Bethel. A Danish native founded the company in 2006 after learning about passive home construction with the goal of introducing similar energy-efficient and healthy home designs in Maine.

Exterior view of a Maine Passive House green home
Courtesy of Maine Passive House

Maine Passive House creates passive homes using a combination of thermal bridging, airtight assemblies, triple-paned windows, and energy recovery ventilation. It also considers the toxicity of its build materials and has eliminated ones with off-gassing and high VOCs from its construction designs.

The company also aims to improve efficiency and reduce waste production at each stage of the building process. It considers the initial design before material ordering and building site management before finally assessing the constructed property’s long-term environmental impact. 

Interior view of a Maine Passive House green home
Courtesy of Maine Passive House

The builder aims to cultivate long-lasting relationships with clients. It guides them through each step of the design and build processes before asking for their approval to start construction.

Choose Main Passive House if you are seeking a builder that prioritizes sustainability and collaboration in its builds.

Maine Eco Homes

Maine Eco Homes is a Bridgton-based custom home builder and general contractor. Its primary mission is to create high-quality, energy-efficient homes while keeping environmental considerations and sustainability in mind.

Exterior front view of a Maine Eco Homes green home
Courtesy of Maine Eco Homes

Its team consists of experienced project managers, designers, subcontractors, carpenters, and suppliers working together to get the design and construction jobs done right within a reasonable timeframe.

Maine Eco Homes offers custom residential and commercial properties and provides remodeling services to make existing properties more sustainable and energy-efficient.

Clients who hire Maine Eco Homes to construct their future green homes will be impressed by its customer service quality. Once your home has been built, Maine Eco Homes’ property maintenance and service divisions will keep in touch with you to ensure the property is free of defects and is performing as intended.

This builder also has an excellent reputation in the state. Maine Eco Homes have won the Small Business of the Year award for professional excellence and contributions to the state.

Consider getting your dream green home built by this builder if you are seeking reliability and timeliness in the project.

Landicity Builders

Landicity Builders is based in Brunswick and builds high-performance, energy-efficient homes from manufacturers such as BrightBuilt, Mottram Architecture, and Unity Homes. It strives to demonstrate that high-performance, healthy, and solar-ready homes can be affordable.

Exterior view of a Landicity Builders home
Courtesy of Unity Homes

Landicity builds each structure to the highest IRC codes and conducts numerous post-construction tests, such as a blower test. As a result, its homes are built to last hundreds of years and help homeowners save thousands of dollars on energy bills annually.

The company uses only low or no-VOC materials in its builds and offers to construct homes in lots spread across the state. Consider hiring Landicity Builders to create your future green home if you seek a no-nonsense builder who uses trusted manufacturers’ designs and materials.

Built By Adams

Built By Adams is a home builder based in southern Maine. The company has been building custom homes for over forty years and prides itself on craftsmanship.

Exterior view of a Built By Adams home
Courtesy of Built By Adams

The builder does not tout its homes as being “green.” However, the houses have been designed to offer high performance, durability, and comfort for many decades.

Built By Adams utilizes many innovative processes in its builds. For example, it waterproofs foundation walls rather than “damp-proof” them as other builders often do and uses zip sheathing to create a neat watertight seal for rough-ins.

Clients can design their own custom high-performance home and get it built from scratch using the build methods described above. Alternatively, they can choose from five diverse semi-custom home styles that range from 1,400 sq feet to 2,200 sq feet.

Built By Adams is an excellent choice for any homeowner seeking a builder with many decades of experience to back up its builds. 

Ginger Hill Design + Build

Ginger Hill Design + Build is located in Arundel. The company was founded in 2008 and touted itself as one of Maine’s premier green builders.

Its staff utilizes their combined experience to build elegant, affordable, and environmentally friendly properties. 

Interior kitchen view of a Ginger Hill Design + Build home
Courtesy of Ginger Hill Design + Build

As the name implies, Ginger Hill takes care of both the design and building processes for each home constructed.

The team works closely with clients during the design phase, taking in key details about their wishes. Then, the build team takes care of the heavy lifting during the construction phase while keeping clients in the loop.

Clients can also reach out to Ginger Hill for consultancy services. The company can offer assistance if you want to renovate or make energy-efficient additions to your existing home.

Consider hiring Ginger Hill Design + Build if you are seeking a light, functional, and modern home to live in.

Graystone Builders

Graystone Builders is a custom green home builder based in York. The company has been operating for over thirty years and aims to deliver quality builds with each project.

Exterior front view of a Graystone Builders home
Courtesy of Graystone Builders

This builder works with numerous local designers and architects to design and construct unique homes that blend in with nature, offer great views, and utilize passive solar options.

The company’s homes are LEED-certified and Energy Star-rated. So clients can rest easy knowing the right experts have tested their new home.

Graystone Builders aims to make the home construction process as easy as possible for clients. It takes care of acquiring all the necessary permits and scheduling the relevant local building inspections required by the state.

Consider hiring this builder if you’re looking for a sustainable home that exceeds your expectations.

Taggart Construction

Located in Freeport, Taggart Construction has been building environmentally friendly and energy-efficient homes for Maine residents since 1994. The company built Maine’s first Energy Star-rated and LEED Gold-certified homes.

Interior view of a Taggart Construction green home
Courtesy of Taggart Construction

Its primary focus has always been on constructing quality sustainable homes for clients. Taggart’s custom homes are designed to offer excellent energy efficiency without sacrificing design beauty. 

Its builds ease into the surrounding environment, making them a welcome addition in any Maine location.

Taggart Construction has been at the forefront of eco-friendly home construction for over two decades. The company is always looking for new ways to improve energy efficiency and make homes more comfortable.

Maine residents seeking a top-notch green builder can’t go wrong by choosing Taggart Construction to build their future home.

Selecting the Right Green Home Builder in Maine

Most of Maine’s sustainable builders mentioned above have stellar reputations backing up their services. These companies have built the trust of numerous clients and strive to design and build quality structures that last for many years.

A well-constructed green home can reduce your carbon footprint and create long-term energy savings, making them beneficial for the environment while helping you cut back on energy usage. 

Consider looking into each of the builders mentioned above. They are located throughout the state, so it may help to check out the ones found in your area in person and learn how they go about their design and construction processes.

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top modular builders in Maine, as several of the companies features construct homes that are also considered sustainable, and may service your area of the state.

Best of luck in your endeavors!

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