Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, Idaho’s breathtaking landscape can pose some challenges for traditional construction.

The rugged terrain and diverse geography can increase building costs.

That’s when prefab homes come to the rescue!

Modular homes are an affordable alternative since most of the construction takes place in the factory.

The question is, where to begin? I’ve got the answers right here. As a trusted resource in green home construction, let me guide you to the best modular builders across Idaho.

1. Clayton Homes

Clayton Homes modular home with blue siding on dirt path in Idaho
Finished kitchen with warm wooden furniture and steel surfaces from Clayton Homes
Images courtesy of Clayton Homes

Since it’s the largest builder of prefab homes in the US, it’s no surprise that Clayton Homes delivers its services in Idaho.

Boasting a large selection, the company offers a variety of modular and mobile houses. You should see a floor plan calling your name.

Aside from diverse designs, Clayton Homes focuses on catering to different budgets.

However, what sets this company apart is its HouseSmart feature. It combines innovative construction methods with sustainability, creating strong and energy-efficient homes while maintaining affordability.

2. Landmark Home and Land Company Inc.

Large, multistory home against a dramatic sky in Idaho by Landmark Home and Land Company
Image courtesy of Landmark Home and Land Company

Like Clayton Homes, Landmark is another prefab construction company that has been offering services across all 50 US states since 1993.

The company’s one-stop-shop approach makes it stand out compared to its competitors. They offer pre-designed and custom-made homes to fit your land.

Not only that, but the structures are constructed to withstand earthquakes, expansive soils, and more.

Additionally, Landmark offers mechanical installation services like plumbing, electrical systems, and HVAC—all of which follow energy and green codes.

3. Method Homes

Multistory modular home with a rock ledge in Idaho by Method Homes
Large, simple kitchen with dining furniture by Method Homes
Images courtesy of Method Homes

Although based in Seattle, Washington, Method Homes’ services extend to nine other states, including Idaho.

They offer a unique blend of modern design and sustainable living. With eight designs and over 30 sizing options, Method Homes crafts fully customizable homes.

Committed to a greener environment, this company’s buildings can meet LEED certification standards.

They also use VOC-free paints and provide pre-wiring for solar panels and insulation for energy efficiency.

4. River Bend Homes

Exterior of modular home on green lawn in Idaho by River Bend Homes
Marble counter views in the kitchen looking into a white living room with high ceilings, hanging lights, and large windows by River Bend Homes
Images courtesy of River Bend Homes

Operating in Western Idaho and Southeast Washington, River Bend Homes is among the popular modular and manufactured home builders in the Gem State.

Catering to 20 cities in the region, they deliver quality, energy-efficient, and affordable houses.

River Bend Homes stands out because of its customer service, which offers a seamless experience.

They assist with financing, ensuring you make the most of your budget. They also offer a 3D virtual tour of their models to help you design your custom house.

5. Peter’s Home

Modular home on legs on gravel against a blue-gray cloudy sky in Idaho by Peter's Home
Bright kitchen with warm wooden furniture, smooth flooring, an appealing countertop, and ceiling lights by Peter's Home
Images courtesy of Peter’s Home

With over 45 years of experience, Peter’s Home showcases a diverse range of manufactured houses.

Unlike its competitors, Peter’s Home is also a design center, helping you create an aesthetically pleasing, affordable factory-built house.

The Idaho-based company follows a customer-centric approach. They help buyers through the home design process.

However, their services extend beyond that. The professional staff even guides you with flooring and cabinetry selection.

6. Nashua Builders

Colorful, slanted apartment complex building in Idaho by Nashua Builders
Kitchen and dining room adjoining to a living room by Nashua Builders
Images courtesy of Nashua Builders

Boasting different pre-built house facilities in Idaho, Nashua Builders is one of the premier manufactured home sellers in the region.

With over 30 years of experience, the company builds multi-family housing, townhomes, and apartments.

However, Nashua Builders’ expertise extends to commercial units as well. What’s more, the company builds inside a 150,000-square-foot facility that allows high-capacity manufacturing.

That ensures quality construction and fast project delivery.

7. Westwind Homes

Modular home with a large red tree and a green lawn in Idaho by Westwind Homes
Image courtesy of Westwind Homes

If you’re looking for a manufactured home builder in Twin Falls, Idaho, Westwind Homes might be a suitable option.

With years of experience and a solid reputation, the company delivers cost-effective factory-built homes with quality materials and finishing.

What makes Westwind stand out is its Kit Custom Homebuilder website. You can go through a 3D virtual tour through the platform, view the buildings, and explore construction details.

That helps you choose the appropriate floor plan that fits your needs.

8. Great Homes of Idaho Inc.

Modular home against a hill in Idaho by Great Homes of Idaho
Beautiful dining room with large windows and wooden furniture by Great Homes of Idaho
Images courtesy of Great Homes of Idaho Inc.

As the name suggests, Great Homes of Idaho operates in the Gem State, but you can also find their services in Washington.

With over 90 floor plans, this company caters to different preferences. And if that wasn’t enough, their homes are customizable, ensuring they meet your needs.

The company also builds tiny homes, each around 700 square feet. Aside from that, Great Homes of Idaho promises full service, from customization to financing assistance and installation.

However, the icing on the cake is their warranty that you can enjoy once your home is delivered.

9. Century Homes

Rustic cabin in Idaho by Century Homes
Cozy living room with yellow curtains and puffy leather furniture by Century Homes
Images courtesy of Century Homes

While based in Idaho Falls, Century Homes serves Utah, Wyoming, and Montana.

With over 20 years of experience, this company promises to deliver top-quality modular and manufactured homes.

The best part? The team supports you through every step, from planning to installing your unit.

However, Century Homes takes its service one step further. They help you bypass the construction loans and save hundreds of dollars in origination fees.

10. Lindal Cedar Homes

Home overlooking the water on sunset in Idaho by Lindal Cedar Homes
Oversized living room with many windows and warm wooden ceilings by Linda Cedar Homes
Images courtesy of Lindal Cedar Homes

Lindal Cedar Homes stands out as a premium home builder thanks to their 75 years of experience.

While based in Seattle, the company delivers its services in many states, including Idaho.

As the name suggests, this builder uses sustainable Western Red Cedar to build high-quality prefab houses.

Aside from material, you can choose from nine home styles. What makes Lindal Cedar Homes unique, however, is its delivery services, which include shipping to various locations.

Additionally, they offer a lifetime structural warranty!

11. Turkel Design

Gorgeous modular home with the lights on in Idaho by Turkel Design
Large living room with couch, art on the wall, and wooden walls by Turkel Design
Images courtesy of Turkel Design

Turkel Design sets itself apart as a luxury prefab home manufacturer. The company offers services in many US states, including North Tetonia in Idaho.

They also have a global reach, delivering panelized homes to sites worldwide.

So, what makes this modular home builder stand out?

The luxury company boasts 12 designs, all of which follow a modern architectural style. However, you can customize them.

What’s more, Turkel provides you with a 3D design and estimates its price to help you make an informed decision.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to modular home construction in Idaho, you’ve got plenty of options that suit different preferences and budgets.

Each builder brings unique strengths, from industry giants like Clayton Homes to luxury specialists like Turkel Design.

So take your time to explore the best 11 modular home builders in Idaho to get bids from.

That way, you can find what suits your needs and build your dream house in the Gem State!

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