an HRV diagram showing airflow with the words ERV and HRV Sizing Calculator as the title front and center

Have you ever needed to know what size ERV or HRV you might need for your home? Mechanical ventilation is becoming more and more important these days, with tighter building codes and more clarity on air leakage and ventilation rates.

We wanted to make a simple calculator that will show you exactly what you size you need. You’ll find a lot of methods out there, which will produce sizing that is all over the place.

For clarity, we used the ASHRAE 62.2 industry standard. We also wanted to add a couple more metrics in case you need to calculate using your custom ACH (air changes per hour) requirements.

It’s generally a good idea to upsize your ERV or HRV just in case (buy a slightly higher CFM rate system). If you’re spending the money and want the flexibility for more ventilation, that might be the way to go.

We hope you like it!

Are you interested in learning more on ERV’s and HRV’s? We’ve got lots of resources on the subject here.

We can also help you go full netzero, which includes the (much cheaper than solar) upgrades for your home. For more, check out our Services page.

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