ceiling can lights on in a living room with the words lighting energy savings calculator written in the middle

Changing out your own light bulbs at home is one of the best projects you can do to save energy, and save the environment. Not only does it save energy, but you swap bulbs out much less, and you’re saving a ton on maintenance as well. All of this is more environmental to boot.

I’ve been passionate about showing others the incredible benefits of lighting retrofit energy savings projects through the years, and so much so that I used to own a commercial lighting retrofit company also.

Changing out your bulbs to LED these days is some of the best return on investment you can find, and you’ll see that below. We’ve built (what we think) is the most comprehensive home lighting savings calculator online.

It includes a total 10 year trajectory of energy and maintenance savings, along with return on investment figures, inflation calculations and more.

Go ahead and try it out! –

How to Use The Calculator

Check out our video on YouTube describing how to calculate your own energy savings, how to use this calculator, and other fun facts about switching to LED –

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