Three modular units arranged in a triangular formation with two on the bottom and one on top in the center. There is a swimming pool in front and the scene is at dusk with lights on inside each of the modular rooms.

Getting your home built by one of the top prefab homebuilders in Georgia will help you improve the energy efficiency of your house.

An added benefit of having an energy-efficient home is that it will have a more limited environmental impact; this is where modular homes excel. Also known as prefabricated homes, the pieces of these structures are pre-built in a factory before they are shipped to designated sites and assembled into a finished structure.

These are NOT mobile homes. Rather than being shipped fully assembled, these homes arrive at job sites in individual pieces, known as modules. The modules are set together by a crane operator on an established foundation and connected together to make a complete house.

It is remarkable that no one can tell you have a modular home – they are indistinguishable from traditional stick-built houses.

For more information about the energy efficiency of modular homes, please read our article here.

You can find modular homebuilders with a quick Google search, but our review of the top prefab home builders in Georgia will help you make an informed decision. Let’s do a deep dive into each one.

1. Affinity Building Systems LLC

Large two storey house with covered porch at the front.
Courtesy of Affinity Building Systems LLC

Affinity Building Systems LLC provides modular homes to Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, North/South Carolina residents, and other states.

The modular homebuilders in Georgia specialize in building single/multi-family prefab structures and commercial ones such as apartments and offices.

The homes are built per the building codes followed by traditional home builders in the state, so you can rest assured you will get the same, if not better, quality.

Interior of a house built by Affinity Building Systems LLC Modular/Prefab Homebuilders in Georgia. The picture shows a living room with a ceiling fan, wooden floor and cream rug and soft furnishings.
Courtesy of Affinity Building Systems LLC

ABS is located in Lakeland, GA, and provides modular homes for builders and independent contractors in the state. Each one is approved to meet 180 mph wind zone requirements.

Why It Made Our List

ABS offers routine factory tours where clients can ask specific questions about ongoing projects. This includes the décor and pricing structure they feel comfortable with.

They can also set a time to speak with a consultant representing their building site. The tour is primarily for educational purposes but allows aspiring homeowners to see the process in real-time.

2. Deer Valley Home Builders

Wooden framed house with covered porch area and green lawn.
Courtesy of Deer Valley Home Builders

Deer Valley Home Builders, based in Alabama, GA, offers licensed prefabricated or customizable homes. They have several retailers in and around Georgia, and there is undoubtedly one in an area near you.

The process starts when you select a floor plan from the many available with one of their designated retailers.

Once you choose one, the retailer gets in touch with the team at Deer Valley Homebuilders to confirm pricing. The cost can differ as per the selected design and customizations you need.

Dining room with wooden table and fabric covered chairs.
Courtesy of Deer Valley Home Builders

They can also answer any queries you may have regarding financing options.

Why It Made Our List

All of the walls are 2 x 6 to make room for R19 insulation in the walls. This feature is a standard in all modular homes constructed by the company.

The company does not use number 3 lumber as it has a high chance of warping, and each house has a radiant heat barrier roof that reduces energy costs.

3. Destiny Homes

Single storey modular home with gray siding and white porch and green lawn in front.
Courtesy of Destiny Homes

Since 1978 Destiny Homes has been building prefabricated homes that can suit individual budgets and lifestyles.

Each home is built in a weather-controlled factory, so the construction materials remain undamaged. These are the same materials used in site-built homes; the only difference is that they are assembled in a factory.

Clients can get almost any custom amenity they desire when they choose Destiny Homes. Need a traditional brick-fired pizza oven or a high-pitched rood installed? They can incorporate it into your chosen design.

Dining room kitchen in an open plan style with dining table and chairs.
Courtesy of Destiny Homes

Each home is built to strict production standards to withstand rough weather conditions.

Why It Made Our List

Destiny Homes takes customizations seriously for clients who want homes with a personal touch. Their team walks clients through the process to ensure they get the necessary changes and cost-efficient elements.

4. Dream Homebuilders

Single storey modular home with gray siding and white woodwork around roofline and windows.
Courtesy of Dream Homebuilders

Dream Homebuilders has been building modular homes in Georgia for nearly 60 years, and the owners have seen the industry grow significantly during this time.

Whether their clients need a custom home in an established neighborhood or want to look through available floor plans before deciding, this company guides you every step of the way.

While the business is closed on the weekends, they answer emails and get back to clients who wish to discuss a project.

Modular home on a platfor. The home is a single storey design with white woodwork and gray siding.
Courtesy of Dream Homebuilders

Dream Homebuilders provides these services to people who want a prefabricated home in Swainsboro, Modoc, Stillmore, Dellwood, and more.

Why It Made Our List

Dream Homebuilders offer a wide range of floor plans, all of which can be viewed on their website. The site is updated regularly with available units so visitors can make an informed decision quickly.

For more queries, you can call them directly.

5. Boxx Modular

A Boxx modular classroom with cream walls and a dark brown roof. One of the units is on the back of a truck.
Courtesy of Boxx Modula.

Boxx Modular doesn’t just build modular homes – they also rent, lease, repair, and renovate existing ones.

Their design and construction experts can set up a high-quality structure at a price that their clients are comfortable with, and if required, they have several payment options that can make that decision easier for them.

Formerly known as Vanguard Modular Building Systems, these modular homebuilders in Georgia reduce building fabrication and site assembly time by 30 to 50%.

Since most components are made in a climate-controlled factory, they remain protected from the elements until a crane and builders manually set them.

Besides homes, the company also builds offices, schools, and other commercial structures via prefab floor plans.

A Boxx modular scale house in blue.
Courtesy of Boxx Modular

Each design meets federal and state building codes and is available in sizes ranging from 200 to 30,000 sq ft.

Why It Made Our List

Boxx Modular is one of the few modular home contractors that build mobile offices, classrooms, and other commercial setups.

These are constructed fast to save money. They are pre-made, and available for rent or lease.

6. Oasis Homes

A wooden framed Oasis modular home with gray tiled roof and natural wood sidning.
Courtesy of Oasis Homes

Oasis Homes was a single establishment when it opened its doors in 2001. It opened a call center in 2005 and merged into a supercenter in Augusta.

Over the decades it has been in business, this modular homebuilder in Georgia has forged deep connections with respected suppliers, lenders, and even their competitors.

The supercenter offers financing options to clients on set budgets and simplifies the process as much as possible.

Besides custom options, the company also offers low-cost options for those who want to become homeowners without going into the red.

A modular Oasis home with green siding and white woodwork.
Courtesy of Oasis Homes

They boast a large selection of prefab homes that can be viewed in one place.

Why It Made Our List

Oasis Homes has over three decades of experience helping clients acquire the best financing options and have the connections to back them up.

You can find a list of brokers on their website or apply for a loan directly from them.

7. The Golley House

A Golley House tiny home with pitched roof , green walls and wooden steps leading up to the front door.
Courtesy of The Golley House

The Golley House offers modular homes assembled from eco-friendly flat pack kits that are ideal solutions for small spaces or rental income.

These are made from insulation panels that can be assembled easily. The basic kit has 30 panels, but you can add more later for an extra fee. A house by The Golley House can easily be set up to meet your specific needs.

The company provides tiny houses with several design options, including 8-feet standup headroom in lofts that can be used as an extra bedroom or even a home office.

Inside the Golley House tiny home in the bedroom showing a double bed with pink quilt.
Courtesy of The Golley House

Use the house as a guest area when families visit, to accommodate an elderly parent, or as a vacation home when you want to escape it all.

For more information about tiny homes, check out our article on the subject here.

Why It Made Our List

The modular components of a Golley House are compact enough to be easily transportable to remote areas. These can be assembled using simple tools, so you can do it yourself if you want to save costs.

Make sure you contact your local zoning department to determine zoning requirements beforehand.

8. Comfort Homes

A single storey white modular house with brown woodwork, shrubs along the front and a lawn out front.
Courtesy of Comfort Homes

Established in 2011, Comfort Homes offers modular homes from Buccaneer, Cavalier, and more.

For over a decade, the company has been aiding clients in finalizing modular home plans and moving them into completed ones.

To ensure their clients can realize their dream of owning energy and cost-efficient homes, the people at Comfort Homes also offer the best financing options.

Interior of a Comfort Homes modular home with wooden flooring, cream sofa and white walls.
Courtesy of Comfort Homes

The contractor has an impressive collection of floor plans (more than 100), all of which are customizable so that you can get the home of your dreams.

Why It Made Our List

Comfort Homes offers modular home solutions through a range of manufacturers.

The whole list is available on their website, so users don’t have to search for them separately. The website is also regularly updated, so you will not waste time searching for the latest ones.

9. Nationwide Homes

Prefab Nationwide Homes house. Single storey with white siding and natural wood front door.
Courtesy of Nationwide Homes

Nationwide Homes offers residents of Georgia several options for modular homes in their area and works to make the process as smooth as possible.

The contractor can accommodate requests ranging from 1,000 to 4,000 sq ft and works to ensure their clients remain stress-free.

Each modular unit is described as a HiPerformance system-built home (i.e., homes that can stand the test of time and the elements.

A Nationwide Homes modular home with sage siding, dark gray roof and natural wood colored front door and steps.
Courtesy of Nationwide Homes

These prefabricated homes are available via approved builders in Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, and North/South Carolina.

Why It Made Our List

The website is easy to navigate and allows visitors to locate reliable modular home builders that work for Nationwide Homes efficiently.

Over 100 home builders are on the list, and this number is going up all the time.

10. Sinclair Oconee Homes

Spacious kitchen area with kitchen island and stools. Natural wood flooring and visible brown beams in the white ceiling.
Courtesy of Sinclair Oconee Homes

Sinclair Oconee Homes offers clients a wide range of colors, designs, and styles that they can choose from to get a modular home they can be proud to live in.

All specs of the construction phase are strictly climate-controlled, and each unit is 10% to 35% cheaper than a traditional home.

Clients can choose from simple to elaborate floor plans, including fully-equipped kitchens, bathrooms, and even walk-in closets if needed.

Each modular unit is engineered to withstand high-speed winds and conserve energy per the geographic areas they are designed for.

Why It Made Our List

Kitchen with natural wood units and wooden flooring. Dark brown oven, hob and dishwasher.
Courtesy of Sinclair Oconee Homes

The company offers several types of homes, so clients don’t have trouble finding the floor plan to meet their needs. These include homes from Fleetwood Homes, Hamilton Homebuilder, and more.

11. DeLaigle Home Center

Kitchen area with natural wooden flooring, white kitchen units and an island. Dining table and chairs in the background.
Courtesy of DeLaigle Home Center

DeLaigle Home Center is one of Georgia’s best modular homebuilders, offering manufactured options to clients.

The company is owned and operated locally and provides services to the Central Savannah River Area in the state. Since it opened its doors decades ago, the contractor has successfully provided more than 1,000 homes in the area.

Living room with light brown carpet and sofa, gray walls and ceiling fan.
Courtesy of DeLaigle Home Center

The business is often called a one-stop shop for modular homes in Georgia and one that pays particular attention to client care and construction quality.

Final Words

A prefabricated home can be a joy forever, provided reputable prefab homebuilders construct it.

Established contractors care about customer experience and ensure that each home meets their budget and lifestyle requirements.

Some of the builders also actually deliver across state lines. Check out the top modular builders in Florida, Alabama, South Carolina, and Tennessee!

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