A blower door test setup installed in an exterior door of a home

Blower door tests are instrumental in determining leakage points in a home. Professionals and homeowners use the results of these tests to fix issues that prevent rot or other damage, reduce drafts in your home, and ultimately save money. 

The equipment used in doing a blower door test is critical. The kit usually includes a fan, a temporary seal for the doorway, and a pressure monitor. These pieces work together to seal the opening and measure the pressure over time within the airtight room. 

Purchasing blower door equipment can cost several thousand dollars. However, renting the equipment or having a professional do the testing is much cheaper.

Finding the equipment to rent can be challenging, but you can probably find some by digging into your specific local used marketplaces. 

This article will dive into breaking down the equipment used in blower door tests and determine if renting it is a viable option for you. 

Blower Door Test Equipment 

Four main pieces of equipment are used in a blower door test, and they all have an essential function.

Professionals can also use additional tools to get even more detailed data from the blower door test. 


The fan itself that is used to create the temporary seal is called a blower door.

This device sucks air from the room into the main structure, creating a negative pressure that forces air through the leaks or weak points within the chosen space.

These fans are extremely powerful. They can pull air from even the most minor cracks or holes. 

Temporary Seal

The temporary seal is placed around the door frame and has the blower door set in it, which is usually a form of plastic or very dense cloth that will prevent any unwanted air from escaping the room.

The blower door needs to create a negative pressure within the space, so a seal over the rest of the entry is key to a successful blower door test.

The temporary seal is placed over the door using a frame, usually aluminum or other type of light metal. 

A pressure monitoring device in the foreground attached the rest of the blower door test system behind it
Measuring how much air is leaking through is made easy with a pressure monitor.

Pressure Monitor

The pressure monitor is placed on the door’s exterior and measures the amount of air going through the fan.

Once the fan depressurizes the room, any additional airflow through the fan comes from cracks or holes.

The pressure monitor reads and records any of this airflow, which is key to determining how much unwanted air is moving through the room at any given time. 

Knowing the speed of the leaks is one of the most critical pieces of information to help you make your home more efficient. 

Infrared Camera

Analysts who conduct blower door tests professionally typically have an infrared camera, which allows them to see through the walls per se.

As a result, it can identify and help speed up pinpointing the locations where the air leaks or insulation is missing in your home. 

An infrared camera showing heat coming from the HVAC during the blower door test of our net-zero project
Warm spots can occur when there isn’t enough insulation coverage. You can easily detect these with an infrared camera.

Can Blower Door Test Equipment be Rented? 

It is tempting for many construction-savvy individuals to want to do the blower door test themselves; however, just the equipment can cost thousands of dollars.

Additionally, even if you are knowledgeable in blower door tests, it can be a problem if you don’t have the equipment. 

Now comes the question, “Can blower door test equipment be rented?”. There is a short and a long answer to this question.

The short answer is yes, blower door test equipment can be rented. Renting equipment is significantly cheaper than purchasing the equipment.  The long answer is that you may want to hire a professional anyway.

Very few places rent blower door equipment; finding a suitable rental is extremely specific to where you live.

Not many major tool rental providers (Home Depot, for example) have blower door equipment rental. Most of the equipment rentals are from smaller companies that are location-dependent. 

Additionally, the rental for blower door kits runs over $100 per day. Unless you are very efficient at conducting blower door tests, the costs could add up quickly. 

A professional can do a blower door test in about an hour once everything is set up, and it should cost a maximum of $500, with an average cost between $200 and $450. 

Additionally, there are a lot of energy companies that will give discounts to increase the energy efficiency of homes. 

Blower door rental equipment does not typically come with some useful items a professional would have, like an infrared camera, which is a unique tool that helps professionals identify air leakage points or areas with low insulation quickly and efficiently. 

Here are some of the places you can rent blower door test equipment from:

Southface Institute

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, Southface Institute is among the places where you can rent blower door test equipment if you don’t want to buy it.

This is an institute that supports sustainable workplaces, homes, and communities through advocacy, education, and technical assistance.

The institute provides rental services for all equipment necessary for airflow testing in buildings, including conducting door tests. The blower door kit contains the following:

  • One frame
  • One fan
  • One fan controller
  • Two flow rings
  • Necessary tubing
  • One DG-700 Pressure & Flow gauge
  • One tarp
  • Six rechargeable batteries

Its rental prices are as shown below:

Type of KitCost Per Day on WeekdaysCost Per Day on Weekends
Single Kit$60 ($48 for Southface Members)$140 ($112 for Southface Members)
Both Kits$100 ($80 for Southface Members)$260 ($208 for Southface Members)
SessionMonday to FridayFriday to Sunday
Table 1: Southface Institute equipment rental prices

It’s worth noting that the institute requires interested renters to send a reservation email one week before the renting date. This confirms equipment availability.

Accurate-Airtight Exteriors

Located in Madison, Wisconsin, Accurate-Airtight Exteriors offers residential, municipal, and commercial air sealing and insulation services.

The company owns the Infiltec G54 model gas-powered fans, some of the largest blower door fans in the United States.

The firm understands that a large variety of diagnostic equipment is needed to facilitate door air testing services. Consequently, it rents out some of its equipment to contractors and homeowners.

What sets this company apart from the competition when it comes to renting blower door test equipment is that its kits are rated for determining baseline tightness. This ensures that the building can achieve its designed tightness accurately.

For more information on rental services, email the company at info@a-aexteriors.com.

Gap Power

Located in Pennsylvania, Gap Power is another company that offers blower door test kit rental services.

Having been in business since 1986, Gap Power has an extensive list of equipment for building airtightness tests. It has been adding dozens of items to its portfolio based on customer needs. Therefore, you can rest assured the company has anything you’ll be looking for.

It specializes in residential-grade door blower kits.

The company’s prices start at $109 for 12 hours.

If you want to buy blower door test equipment, some of the best companies include:


Retrotec is a leader in blower door equipment. With over 30 years of experience in the business, the company understands what goes into making the best blower door testing kits.

This explains why Retrotec Blower Door systems are among the best. Some of its key systems include the 5100 Blower Door System and the 6100 High-Flow Blower Door System.


Tequipment is another company with excellent blower door and duct leakage testing equipment. Having been in business since 1969, the firm’s experience is close to none.

It’s for this reason that it serves many HVAC contractors in the US.

Global Test Supply

Global Test Supply specializes in blower doors with adjustable frames, making it easier to seal entryways securely.

Its fans also have digital gauges and multiple settings for efficiency and accurate flow measurements.

Inspector Tools

This is one of the leading suppliers of blower door testing equipment in the US. It specializes in Minneapolis Blower Door systems.


Blower door tests are essential to home renovations or investigating inefficiencies in a home. They have a lot of benefits and can reduce energy costs, drafts, mold, or moisture issues, and pest problems long term. 

Knowing the equipment used is essential in understanding what goes into a blower door test and can help you decide whether to do it yourself or hire a professional. 

The three main pieces of equipment used for a blower door test are a high-powered fan, a temporary seal for the door, and a digital gauge.

Professionals usually also have the fourth piece of technology, an infrared camera, to help with the accuracy and efficiency of the test. 

While you can rent the equipment, hiring a licensed professional can be more time-consuming and costly. Equipment is typically rented by the hour and can cost more than hiring a professional might. 

Are you more curious about the numbers? Don’t worry! Our article on Blower Door Test Costs reveals how much you need to dish out.

And if you still need some convincing, here are the reasons why Blower Door Tests Are Really Important.

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