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BR30 and BR40 lights have various applications. However, some stores may not carry these bulbs for multiple reasons. This makes people look for alternatives that provide the same type of lighting. So what are your options?

BR30 and BR40 lights can usually interchange with PAR30, R30, and A19 light bulbs. BR30 can fit PAR38 fixtures, but it totally depends on the fixture size itself. The interchangeability is best determined by the proximity of the bulb’s diameters with one another and the can size.

This article will first discuss BR30 and BR40 bulbs. It will then explain the difference between PAR30 and BR30, BR30 and A19, and whether you can replace an R30 with a BR30, a BR30 with PAR38, a BR30 with BR40, and vice-versa.

What Is the Difference Between the BR30 and BR40?

The difference between BR30 and BR40 light bulbs is their size, and their main similarity is their shape. BR stands for the bulged reflector, the shape the two bulb types share.

The 30 and 40 refer to the bulbs’ sizes and diameters. This is expressed in eighths of an inch (3.17 mm).

The BR30 measures 30 eighths of an inch (95.25 mm), while the BR40 measures 40 eighths of an inch (127 mm).

Some people prefer using inches when describing the bulbs. For example, the BR30 is 3.75 inches (95.25 mm) in diameter at the bulb base, while the BR40 is 5 inches (127 mm).

BR40 bulbs provide better light coverage and are best suited for high ceilings. In contrast, the BR30 is better for medium or low ceilings.

However, both light bulb types should be avoided altogether with low ceilings.

a BR30 and BR40 LED bulb sitting on a light wood table with the words will it fit in the corner
BR30 and BR40 bulbs come in different sizes, which is the main difference between them.

BR30 and BR40 light bulbs create soft lighting, but BR40s typically have higher wattage.

Both light bulbs provide precise lighting, but BR40s are better used for commercial purposes such as malls, offices, and retail.

In contrast, BR30s are more directional and make good houselights.

Can BR40 Fit in BR30?

BR40 can fit in BR30 as long as the base is the same. The most common base for the two is E26, although some other varieties are used. However, the size will be an issue if you use recessed cans.

If you have a 4-inch (101.6 mm) recessed can, you can fit only the BR30, as it’s only 3.75″ (95.25 mm) in diameter. The 5-inch (127 mm) BR40 won’t fit.

Even with larger recessed cans, there may still be noticeable differences. For example, BR30 provides too much space, while BR40 only gives very little space between the can and the bulb.

It’s essential to give your bulb space so that heat can escape.

What Is the Difference Between PAR30 and BR30 Light Bulbs?

The difference between PAR30 and BR30 light bulbs is the shape. The letters PAR stand for a parabolic aluminized reflector.

The main advantage of PARs is that they provide more directional lighting because the bulb’s shape allows for low-degree angle beams to form.

This is perfect for emphasizing certain objects in your house.

In contrast, bulged reflector lights form very wide angles, some above 100 degrees, making them suitable for wide-coverage lighting, such as outdoor spaces.

PAR30 and BR30 share the same number, as they have the same bulb width of 3.75 inches or 30 eighths of an inch (95.25 mm).

Because they’re the same size, you can interchange the two bulbs, provided they have the same base.

What’s the Difference Between BR30 and A19?

Screnshot from a video to guide you in measuring the dimensions of an A19 light bulb
A19 bulbs are smaller than BR30 bulbs and have a less pronounced bulge shape. These are also known as your regular household light bulbs.

The difference between BR30 and A19 is the shape and size. BR30 is larger and has a bulged shape. In addition, the B30 has a bulged reflector shape, while the A19 light bulb is more bulbous, much like the classic light bulb.

The letter A in A19 bulbs stands for Arbitrary. A19 bulbs were originally incandescent and manufactured long before BR30.

Today, there are LED bulbs with an A19 shape. The 19 stands for the diameter, and there are 19 eighths of an inch (60.32 mm) compared to the BR30’s 30.

Because they’ve been produced for a long time, A19s are almost always available in lighting stores.

Even if your BR30 breaks, you can usually substitute it for an A19 if you aren’t fussy about the lighting produced.

The same goes for the BR40, although the coverage of an A19 will be more awkward than that of a BR30.

Can I Replace an R30 With a BR30?

You can replace an R30 with a BR30. The BR30 was designed to replace the R30 bulb.

Unlike the BR30, R30 bulbs don’t have an extra side reflector. Because of the extra reflector, the R30 produces less heat than the R30.

This also means that the BR30 is more energy-efficient. You can also use the BR40 instead of the R30.

Can I Use BR30 Instead Of R30?

You can use BR30 instead of R30. Since BR30 light bulbs are more energy efficient and provide superior lighting, they are more popular and often recommended by lighting experts.

In addition, BR30 fits on R30 fixtures, making them interchangeable.

Will BR30 Fit PAR38?

BR30 can fit PAR38. BR30 is 3.75 inches (95.25 mm) in diameter, while PAR38 is 5 inches (127 mm) at 4.72 inches (119.88 mm). Therefore, both can use cans measuring 6 inches (152.4 mm) or more in diameter.

However, if you fit a BR30, expect the light to be awkward since BR30s use smaller cans.

Tips for Changing Your Light Bulbs Safely

PAR38 vs. PAR30 light bulb installation in a white room
Safety first when working with light bulbs! Make sure the power is off and triple-check it!

If you want to change your bulb, you should consider the following safety recommendations:

● Turn your power off beforehand to avoid shocks.

● Inspect the bulb for any exposed wires.

● Use gloves to avoid cutting yourself.

● If you plan to use a ladder, ensure you’re comfortable with it.

● Don’t apply too much force when changing the bulb. The bases are normally not screwed on too tightly.


BR30s and BR40s aren’t always available in lighting stores. Luckily, they’re easily interchangeable with other bulb types, such as the PAR38 for the BR40 and the R30 and A19 for the BR30.

In fact, you can even interchange the two BR types with each other. Today, bulbs are typically interchangeable.


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