a couple pictures of vapor barrier installations with the words Vapor Barrier Cost Calculator across the middle as the title.

Vapor barriers can be a key part of any home renovation, new build, or energy efficiency project you’re working, and the costs can add up quick.

Vapor barriers can be used strategically to help control moisture and airflow in your home.

Where and how to use them are covered in our other vapor barrier articles here, but we also wanted to make a calculator to show exactly what your vapor barrier installation project might look like.

The calculator was built to be flexible. You can enter data as you prefer, including:

  • By bid cost per square foot, both material and labor.
  • By total material or labor cost.
  • By total square feet
  • By area or by room totals – length x height – up to five areas.

So give it a try! If you have comments or questions, please write us below in the Comments section.

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