Looking up at a vertical axis small wind turbine's motor from the base of the pole

A home wind turbine can help reduce your energy bills and provide you with power during an outage. They are also great for the environment and can help diminish your overall carbon footprint. 

So, what are the best options for installing a vertical axis small wind turbine?

To save you the trouble of researching, we’ve scoured the web and compiled a list of the top affordable vertical small wind turbines on the market. Read on for our in-depth look into the six best affordable small home turbine options.

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Best Overall: NINILADY Free Energy 600W Vertical Wind Turbine Generator

The NINILADY Free Energy 600W is the best overall vertical axis small wind turbine. It comes in four delightful color options and has an attractive curved blade design. With its powerful 600W capacity, you’ll be amazed at how much clean energy it can produce.

This model is an excellent, well-rounded product because it’s compact but powerful with a 600W capacity. It features an intelligent curved blade design and makes a fantastic investment if you want to harness the wind’s energy in the long term.

You don’t need to live in a windy area to generate clean wind energy from this product, as it will operate even in low wind conditions. This is due to its innovative triangular, double fulcrum design and horizontal rotation mechanism.

The NINILADY Free Energy 600W comes in several varieties, including:

  • 12V with a controller
  • 12V without a controller
  • 24V with a controller
  • 24V without a controller
  • 48V with a controller
  • 48V without a controller


  • Four color options – available in white, green, red, or multi-color
  • Exceptional wind resistance – the NINILADY Free Energy 600W small wind turbine is an excellent choice, even if you don’t live in an area with much wind
  • Spacesaver – this unit has a smaller than usual rotation radius, making it compact and convenient to install wherever you like
  • The controller is optional – small wind turbines with controllers can make operating them more manageable, but this product allows you to order a turbine without one if you prefer


  • Costly – the NINILADY Free Energy 600W offers multiple features and benefits, but they come at a cost. At over $700, it may not be suitable for those on a budget.
  • Installation can be challenging – this vertical axis turbine comes with a limited user manual—if you’re not technically minded, you may struggle to install it.

Top Budget Option: Quinlirra Lantern Wind Turbine Generator Kit

The Quinlirra Lantern Wind Turbine Generator Kit is an excellent option if you’ve never used wind energy before and you’re looking for a cost-effective but high-quality product.

This small wind turbine comes in a cheerful yellow color but is also available in blue or red. It operates silently and efficiently, making it ideal if you live in a cabin, mobile home, or have a boat and wish to power up small electrical devices.

Although a pole isn’t included, the kit does include: 

  • Lantern wind turbine
  • Controller
  • Easy-to-understand manual
  • Screws and nuts


  • Excellent money saver – this turbine will set you back less than $200 (excluding delivery) and offers excellent value for money; you won’t feel bad if you decide that wind power generation isn’t for you.
  • Five-blade design – the lantern design is compact but efficiently harnesses the wind’s energy.
  • Silent operation – some small wind turbines can be noisy and unsuitable for residential applications but not this one—the lightweight blades and aluminum core operate quietly and won’t irritate you.
  • Includes an MPPT microprocessor – this turbine’s maximum power point tracking (MPPT) microprocessor can adjust the voltage and current effortlessly.


  • Shipping isn’t included – you’ll have to pay extra for shipping, but it’s still worth it, considering the reasonable price. 
  • Can’t be used for backup power – this product can help reduce your energy bill and power one small device, but you can’t rely on it as backup power if there is an outage.
  • Doesn’t come with a support pole – once you’ve assembled this turbine, you might be annoyed to discover that it doesn’t come with a support pole. Buying a suitable rod won’t cost you much, but it can be inconvenient.

Best Value for Money: DNYSYSJ 400W Wind Power Turbine

The DNYSYSJ 400W Wind Power Turbine is more expensive than the previous small wind turbine listed.

However, it offers several additional features, including:

  • A powerful 400W motor
  • The ability to generate power from wind at speeds of only 1.3 miles (2.09km) per second
  • Tracking sensor
  • Dual bearing system

The low torque (or starting speed) makes it ideal if you don’t live in a windy area, and you can use it in combination with your solar panel system if you have one.

The blades are made from durable and high-quality glass fiber to ensure that they last for many years, and it comes with a controller.


  • Excellent quality and durable parts – this colorful vertical wind turbine boasts glass fiber blades and a dual bearing system to ensure a long lifespan.
  • Reasonable price – although this vertical axis turbine is more costly than the budget option, the price is affordable considering the many features.
  • Two color options – you can order this popular wind turbine in an attractive red, white, and blue, or you could opt for white.
  • Controller included – whether or not the turbine comes with a controller can be a dealbreaker for some folks. One of the many benefits of this product is that it comes with one.


  • Lower power output – the DNYSYSJ Wind Power Turbine has a 400W capacity, which is impressive but not as significant as other models. If you want to generate more wind power, it’s best to opt for a turbine with a 600W capacity.
  • Only has three blades – this product has a minimalist look with only three blades. However, some customers have felt three blades aren’t enough to optimize wind energy.

Best Low Output Model: SYWAN DC Micro Vertical Wind Turbine

Do you want an inexpensive trial run using wind energy? If so, the SYWAN DC Micro Vertical Wind Turbine could be an option for you. 

This product is an excellent introduction to wind energy power generation and demonstrates that it can decrease your reliance on fossil fuels.

It’s a low-output, inexpensive, and incredibly compact device that allows you to understand the concept of wind energy generation. It’s also suitable for small teaching projects or educating others on wind power generation basics.

Although it won’t make a massive difference in reducing your energy bill, you could use it to power something tiny, such as a small string of fairy lights, if you live in a windy area.

The blades come in a bright and cheerful yellow color and won’t look like an eyesore in your backyard.


  • Inexpensive – this mini wind turbine costs just over $10 and allows you to try out wind energy generation and move on to a more powerful model if you like what it does.
  • Compact – weighing only 120g (4.23 oz), it’s small, doesn’t take up much space, and is suitable if you have a small yard or patio.
  • Excellent teaching tool – if you’re teaching your kids about using green energy and the dangers of fossil fuels, this easy-to-use product is a fantastic educational tool.
  • Easy to install – assembling this small wind turbine is simple; you need only attach the blades. The easy installation is especially beneficial if you put it together with children. 


  • Won’t power many items – although this small wind turbine doesn’t generate much power, you can easily use it to power modest electronics, such as golf cart batteries, a cell phone charger, or small outdoor lights. However, you’ll probably only be able to power one of these at a time.
  • Not as durable as other models – this unit is compact and well-made, but it’s not designed to withstand gale-force winds or stormy conditions—this may not be the best model for you if you live in a highly windy area.

Most Efficient: Tqing Vertical Spiral Wind Power Turbine Generator

The Tqing Vertical Spiral Wind Power Turbine Generator has a high output, 8000W motor, a three-phase AC permanent magnet generator, and an elegant spiral design to enhance the look of your backyard. 

The blue and white spiral blades are arranged compactly but have a large surface area, allowing them to harness as much wind energy as possible. 

The blades have a spiral set-up, which is aerodynamic and helps the motor operate silently and incredibly energy-efficiently. With its dual bearing attachment and FRP blades, this vertical small wind turbine is made to last. 


  • Durable – you can expect this turbine to last for many years. The long-lasting blades, with their high-quality FRP material and dual-bearing system, make it incredibly sound.
  • Incredibly high output – this spiral-shaped small wind turbine has an impressive 8000W motor, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another one in the same size and capacity.
  • Can be used in a low-wind area – although the user manual suggests placing this turbine in a place where there’s a lot of wind with no tall structures, it will still work efficiently if you live in a low-wind area.
  • Doubles as a backyard decoration – some small wind turbines have an ugly design, but not this one! Its blue and white spiral blades are attractive and will look beautiful on your patio or in your backyard.


  • Only available in blue and white – this turbine is a solid product but is only available in a blue and white color combination.
  • Not a budget option – if you’re still on the fence about whether or not wind power is for you, this product is not a budget option.
  • Complex installation – installing this small wind turbine is a fun project for DIY enthusiasts, but if you want something offering a fast and easy installation, this isn’t it.

Easiest To Assemble: LOYALHEARTDY Wind Turbine Generator Kit

Regarding assembly, some people struggle as many small wind turbines come with vague instructions and a user manual written in complicated language. 

However, this isn’t the case with the LOYALHEARTDY Wind Turbine Generator Kit. Although a few steps are involved in the assembly process, it’s simple and doesn’t take long.

One of the main benefits of this vertical axis small wind turbine is its intelligent microprocessor which optimizes voltage and current regulation, allowing the unit to harness as much wind power as possible.

When you buy this LOYALHEARTDY small wind turbine, you won’t need to buy any additional tools or items.

It comes with everything you need, including:

  • A controller
  • Screws for the bracket blades 
  • Screws for the primary body connection


  • Incredibly easy to assemble – this unit comes with a simple assembly manual, making it easy to assemble, even if you’re not a DIY expert.
  • The kit provides all the parts required – some small wind turbines come with only essential components, and customers find that they often need to buy extras. However, this model includes everything you need, including a controller and screws.
  • Intelligent microprocessor – once you have assembled this turbine, you can leave it in a windy location and allow it to do its job. The microprocessor makes this possible by optimizing the voltage and current regulation.


  • It only works well in windy places – this turbine has been designed to make the most of even small amounts of wind. However, it will only generate enough energy to power a tiny device if it’s placed in a windy location. You might need a more powerful device if you don’t live in a windy area.
  • Three-blade design – this vertical small wind turbine only has three blades, making it less efficient than other models with five blades.

Final Thoughts

Small wind turbines harness the wind’s power and decrease your reliance on environmentally-damaging fossil fuels. When choosing a vertical axis small wind turbine, you should consider your budget, power requirement, and ease of installation. 

No matter your requirements, one of these affordable options is sure to work great for your needs. 


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