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In a world grappling with climate change, it’s necessary to find construction experts committed to green practices. That endeavor can be quite challenging in New Brunswick, especially now that many companies are popping up.

The challenge is narrowing down to the most sustainable green home builders in New Brunswick.

Luckily for you, we have researched and compiled a list of the most reliable sustainable green home builders in New Brunswick. These companies have the relevant expertise to build high-quality green homes without compromising comfort.

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The Best Green Home Builders in New Brunswick

Below we have closely dissected the most popular services and features of each of our top sustainable green home builders in New Brunswick to ensure you know what to expect from the best green companies. 

Our top choices among sustainable home builders in New Brunswick include: 

  • Riko Passive Homes
  • Benjamin + Co.
  • Equity Quest Homes
  • Martell Custom Homes
  • Northrup Homes
  • EnerGreen Builders Co-operative

So, now that you’ve seen the rundown let’s delve into the specifics of what each of these esteemed builders can offer prospective homebuyers.

Riko Passive Homes

With 15+ years in the industry, Riko Passive Homes has become a premier name in the Atlantic Canada sustainable green home building community.

Founded by Richard LeBlanc, the company has a solid and vast portfolio of building green rental units, houses, and duplexes. 

Interior view of a Riko Passive Homes green home's living space
Courtesy of Riko Passive Homes

The founder and team realize the importance of understanding what each client wants when looking for a home and, thus, make sure the most significant investment of their lives is a good one. 

So, Riko will guide you throughout the entire process to make your dream home a reality, whether you’re in the market for a custom-built or passive home.

Why Choose Riko Passive Homes

  • An industry leader in passive home building that constructs sustainable, energy-efficient houses that ultimately save money throughout their lifetime
  • Rico Passive Homes works with clients every step of the way to ensure their dreams become a reality. With their client portal, clients can track each step of the building process until it’s finished
  • Each home is built following the stringent R-2000 Standard established by Natural Resources Canada
  • Energy Star, R-2000, and Zero-Energy-rated homes

Benjamin + Co.

Benjamin + Co. takes sustainability seriously from the moment it starts work on your home.

With recent advances in home construction technology, materials, and science, houses built today last longer, consume less energy, and are more livable than ever before. 

Exterior front view of the Bunganuc, a Benjamin + Co. green home
Courtesy of Benjamin + Co.

With new and endless sources for sustainable green building materials and products, this company makes the construction of your eco-conscious home not only a possibility but also within your budget.

Benjamin + Co. believes building green isn’t merely about investing in a cleaner world or making a statement; it is also about building efficient, safe, durable, affordable, and comfortable homes. 

Why Choose Benjamin + Co.

  • Provides innovative floor plans so that you can easily personalize your home and get the layout of your preference
  • Ensures that each new home performs exactly according to its owners’ standards of quality, comfort, and energy consumption
  • Coordinates energy testing and modeling to verify each home’s high performance

Equity Quest Homes

Equity Quest Homes can build custom sustainable structures on your land.

As your dream of a green home unfolds, the builder helps you build a house one nail at a time while offering you numerous money-saving opportunities. 

Interior view of a Equity Quest Homes green home
Courtesy of Equity Quest Homes

All houses are priced competitively, whether constructed based on your plan or starting one of the company’s many starter plans.

When you pick Equity Quest, the possibilities are infinite. Every home the company builds is fully customizable, and clients are allowed to change their minds with zero penalties.   

In addition, Equity Quest Homes provides the opportunity to gain extra equity by enabling clients to participate in the building process.

The company offers two owner involvement programs, namely the Direct Contracting and Sweat Equity program. 

Why Choose Equity Quest Homes

  • Provides flexibility to change floor plans at any time in the building process to fulfill your exact specifications
  • Every Equity Quest home is endlessly customizable, and no two homes ever built by this builder are the same
  • Collaborates with each client until the best “plan and price” combination is found
  • Provides the opportunity to acquire extra equity by enabling clients to participate in the building process

Martell Custom Homes

If you want a hands-on approach to building your home, Martell Custom Homes can provide you a unique experience that’s driven by your vision and delivered with utmost transparency. 

The back deck, home exterior and pool of a Martell Custom Homes green home
Courtesy of Martell Custom Homes

Unlike other sustainable builders in New Brunswick, this company continuously collaborates with homeowners to ensure that their home is constructed on time, within the given budget, and the experience exceeds their expectations. 

Why Choose Martell Custom Homes

  • Collaborates with clients throughout the building process to ensure all requirements are met
  • The company’s “Client Login” feature is one of the unique elements of the entire Martell Experience—the web-based platform enables clients to participate in their projects from any smartphone or internet connection
  • Provides a 10-year Lux Home Warranty on all major structural defects
  • Offers an industry-leading Year-End Follow Up program

Northrup Homes

This Fredericton-based builder has been in the business for more than three decades.

The family-owned business welcomes all kinds of clients, including retirees seeking to shift to a new home, first-time home buyers, families upsizing to a larger home,or bachelors downsizing to a smaller home. 

The company provides a vast range of green and energy-efficient options.

In addition, Northrup Homes ensures each of its offerings is high-quality and constructed with attention to detail.

Exterior front view of a Northrup Homes modular home
Courtesy of Northrup Homes

It provides modular green homes in furnished and unfurnished configurations and offers several customization options to help clients meet their exact needs. 

The company has also partnered with a renowned interior designer to help make each dwelling truly unique and special.

Consider hiring Northrup Homes if you’re looking for style and variety in your future green home.

Why Choose Northrup Homes

  • Provide both standard and custom designs to make your real estate dreams come true
  • Offer homes in furnished or unfurnished configurations and provide numerous customization options to help clients meet their exact needs
  • Promises to deliver utmost customer satisfaction for all projects while guaranteeing affordable pricing, quality craftsmanship, and top-of-the-line customer service
  • Has been designing and building homes of distinction for 30+ years

EnerGreen Builders Co-operative

Located in New Brunswick, EnerGreen Builders Co-operative is a partnership company with 6 skilled builders. Each member brings unique construction experience and skills that propel the company forward.

The Cooperative designs, builds, and maintains high-quality, sustainable homes for its customers. It achieves this by using eco-friendly materials with minimal environmental impact.

This is one of the few construction companies recognized by the home building industry in Canada for its green initiatives. It has been designing and building some of the most energy-efficient homes in the region.

What sets EnerGreen Builders Co-operative apart is that it incorporates detailed construction techniques and a passive solar design in most of its projects. These approaches have made houses built by this company to be low maintenance.

In terms of its passive solar design, this company designs its homes with heat sinks or thermal mass like an insulated concrete floor on main floors. This thermal mass captures and stores heat during the day to warm the house at night when temperatures reduce.

You can hire this company for:

  • New constructions
  • Passive solar home designs
  • Home renovations and additions
  • Heritage buildings
  • Consultations

Why Choose EnerGreen Builders Co-operative

  • A registered member of Efficiency New Brunswick and the R-2000 initiative of Canada
  • The company is committed to building LEED homes
  • Highly insulated homes for energy conservation
  • Development and restoration of historical buildings
  • Skilled staff with over 30 years of experience

Selecting the Ideal Green Builder for Your Needs

Investing in a sustainable green home is undeniably a considerable commitment. However, there are several companies in New Brunswick for you if you wish to experience everything that sustainable housing has to offer. 

All six of these builders are a great starting point for individuals and families ready to design, build, and live in sustainable, green abodes.

However, before deciding, just ensure you go through past client reviews and feedback, check the firm’s local license, and get several quotes for the best prices.

Consider getting in touch with the builder offering the type of green home and services you seek. Some allow more customization options than others, so you should develop an idea of your home’s final design before going ahead and hiring any of them. 

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top modular home builders in New Brunswick, as several of the companies featured also construct homes that are considered sustainable, and may deliver to your area of the province.

Best of luck!

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