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Are you dreaming of a home that combines comfort and sustainability on Prince Edward Island? If so, you need to hire one of the most reliable, sustainable green home builders on Prince Edward Island.

This is the only way to guarantee value for your money.

Among the key factors to consider when hiring a green home builder include certifications like LEED and Energy Star, skills, and energy efficiency expertise.

To make your assessment easier, we’ve researched and compiled a list of the top sustainable green home builders on Prince Edward Island. These builders have what it takes to guarantee a quality green home.

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The Best Green Home Builders on Prince Edward Island

After much research online, we compiled a list of the top sustainable home builders on Prince Edward Island that stand apart from the rest, including:

  • Gill Construction
  • Premier Island Homes
  • Legacy Homes Ltd.
  • PEI Waterfront Homes
  • Craftsman Construction
  • Seymour DesRoches Construction
  • Bernmar Construction
  • BECC Modular
  • SableARC
  • Craig Wood Products

So, without further ado, let’s consider what each of these renowned companies has to offer homebuyers.

Gill Construction

Gill Construction is based in Mount Stewart.

This premier home builder established itself in Prince Edward Island several years ago and specializes in new home construction, renovations, and commercial construction.

Interior view of a Gill Construction green home's kitchen
Courtesy of Gill Construction

Gill Construction doesn’t consider itself a green builder per se, but it focuses on making each of its homes energy efficient.

The company includes a range of energy-efficient appliances and components in each home and strives to help homeowners minimize energy consumption. 

Gill Construction prides itself on creating custom homes according to its client’s needs. It welcomes complete plans from prospective customers and also offers to create custom designs for clients using its in-house designers.

This builder offers free estimates for projects, so reach out to them if you’re looking for trustworthy home construction experts with a heavy focus on energy efficiency.

Premier Island Homes

Premier Island Homes is located in Charlottetown.

This family-owned construction firm has operated for over three decades and offers a wide range of excellent homes.

Premier Island Homes constructs each home in a unique climate-controlled custom factory and uses streamlined build practices. These special homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind, so homeowners can count on them to have excellent insulation and seals to minimize heat loss.

Courtesy of Premier Island Homes

Premier Island Homes stands out because it offers homes in a wide range of sizes.

It also provides cost-efficient choices for people on a tight budget. These size options mean the builder has something to offer just about any prospective PEI homeowner seeking an environmentally-friendly home.

Consider asking Premier Island Homes to build your future home if you seek an energy-efficient home constructed via tried-and-tested build processes.

Legacy Homes Ltd.

Legacy Homes is based in Mount Stewart.

This builder has been operating since 2014 and offers modular and mini homes from the manufacturer Maple Leaf.

However, the company is also renowned for its excellent custom homes, which feature many energy-saving components.

Exterior view of a green home by Legacy Homes Ltd
Courtesy of Legacy Homes

This builder offers many distinctive home designs that maintain high resale value. It also provides personalized services such as interior design and cabinet construction to help clients complete their homes as they envisioned.

Legacy Homes is experienced with installing insulating concrete forms (ICF). These forms serve as a sturdy foundation for the home and add to the structure’s total insulation. 

This builder also stands out for using excellent quality steel building kits. It has partnered with Sunward Steel Products and utilizes this steel to give its homes a reliable and solid structure.

Legacy Homes offers design and estimates for free, so prospective homeowners should contact them to learn if their vision for an environmentally-friendly home in Prince Edward Island is possible. 

PEI Waterfront Homes

PEI Waterfront Homes is also based in Mount Stewart.

This builder has been constructing high-quality homes for PEI residents for several years and stands out for its “log home” builds. 

As the name implies, PEI Waterfront Homes typically creates homes that are an excellent fit for waterfront settings.

However, they also build eco-friendly custom homes with numerous energy-saving features.

Exterior view of a PEI Waterfront Homes green home on the waterfront
Courtesy of PEI Waterfront Homes

Prospective customers can choose between an array of quaint log homes or luxurious custom houses made from sustainable materials. 

One of the builder’s most popular offerings is its Main Street design. This home has three charming bedrooms, two bathrooms, a garage, and a daylight basement with a gorgeous wood-paneled interior, which helps it blend into PEI’s natural surroundings.

PEI Waterfront Homes would be an excellent choice for any prospective homeowner seeking a traditional log home, but with modern energy-saving and eco-friendly components.

Craftsman Construction

Craftsman Construction is based in Charlottetown.

This builder began offering services to PEI residents in 2005 and has developed an excellent reputation for providing high-quality homes.

Exterior view of a Craftsman Construction green home
Courtesy of Craftsman Construction

Craftsman Construction stands out for offering energy-efficient homes with fantastic curb appeal.

In addition, its designs have a timeless quality to them, so they’re likely to maintain their resale value in the future.

This builder follows a client-focused approach to its design and construction processes. It has in-house designers that help clients understand what is possible for their future homes.

The company also offers to construct homes based on client-provided plans.

Craftsman Construction specializes in building homes with a premium feel.

It stands apart from the other entries on our list because it caters to clients with high budgets who would like their dream vision for a green home executed well.

Consider hiring Craftsman Construction if you’re seeking to build a luxurious home that is both comfortable and energy-efficient.

Seymour DesRoches Construction

Seymour DesRoches Construction is a green builder located in Kinkora.

The company has operated in the region for several years and offers numerous services, including new house construction, new cottage construction, barn construction, and renovations.

This builder is famous among PEI residents seeking to get homes and barns built for farms.

However, it also includes many energy-saving features in its homes, including special insulation and glazed windows designed to minimize heat loss and gain.

Exterior front view of a green home by Seymour DesRoches Construction
Courtesy of Seymour DesRoches Construction

The company aims to make the home designing and construction process quick and easy for clients. It takes care of permits, purchases, and other details to ensure clients can sit back and watch their future homes come together with minimal stress.

Seymour DesRoches also stands out for its eye-catching decks and patios. It has experience creating these outdoor features and offers to make additions to existing homes.

The company has made an excellent name for itself by providing stellar customer service.

In addition, it has maintained a fantastic track record by employing knowledgeable and passionate workers who ensure they do a great job on each new project. 

Consider hiring Seymour DesRoches Construction if you seek an energy-efficient home or barn for your PEI farm.

Bernmar Construction

Bernmar Construction is located in Brackley.

This builder is one of the smaller companies on our list. However, it makes up for it with high-quality home construction services.

Exterior view of a green home by Bernmar Construction complete with a deck
Courtesy of Bernmar Construction

Two contractors founded Bernmar Construction to build a 2,400 sq ft (222.97 sq m) home on waterfront property at PEI. After completing this project, they started the company and have offered services to PEI residents ever since.

Bernmar doesn’t describe itself as a green builder, but it focuses on integrating ICF blocks in each build.

The company began using these blocks in 2006 and has made them a core part of its construction practices.

Bernmar has partnered with ICF block manufacturer LOGIX ICF to ensure these structural components are available for future builds.

Bermar Construction is an excellent choice for any prospective homeowner seeking an energy-efficient home with an ICF block foundation.

This builder prioritizes customer service and gives its clients more personalized attention than other more prominent companies. 

BECC Modular

Based in Ontario, BECC Modular specializes in volumetric steel modular buildings. 

The company designs and builds its homes to be durable, stronger, and highly sustainable.

Modular homes from BECC are cost-effective, eco-friendly, and are rapidly deployed. Also, these houses reduce waste generation from the construction industry because they are built in a controlled environment.

BECC Modular stands out because it manufactures its homes with Cold Fermented Steel. This steel is stronger and more durable than wood and other conventional construction materials.

Cold Fermented Steel is also highly resistant to mold, rot, and other natural disasters.

The company also ensures faster construction, delivery, and installation. This makes it ideal for the hospitality and hotel industries.

In terms of sustainability, the company incorporates Passive House principles to make its projects energy-efficient and near net zero.

Additionally, it uses recycled and recyclable steel to conserve the environment and non-renewable resources.

The main advantages of hiring this company for your green building project on Prince Edward Island include:

  • Durable and quality homes
  • Energy-efficient modular homes
  • Quick construction that saves time and money
  • The use of sustainable materials
  • High customizations


Located in Charlottetown, SableARC is among the top sustainable green home builders on Prince Edward Island.

This company specializes in sustainable architectural services. It deals in single-family and multi-unit residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

You can hire this builder for new constructions, additions and renovations, and master planning design.

Each home built by SableARC incorporates eco-conscious initiatives. The company does this to ensure its customers reap the following benefits:

  • A healthy and natural living environment
  • Money savings in terms of low energy bills
  • Smarter and healthier buildings

What sets this company apart is that it has LEED-certified employees who guide every project for energy efficiency.

These employees have the relevant expertise to design and build green homes that meet LEED certification standards. 

Craig Wood Products

Finally on our list, we have the Craig Wood Products company based in Prince Edward Island.

This company has been building cottages and homes for over three decades. It has a reputation for quality craftsmanship and in-house designs and customizations.

Craig Wood Products is highly dedicated to sustainability.

Consequently, it was the first contractor in the region to get certified to build R-2000 houses.

Being the most eco-friendly classification of homes in Canada, R-2000 homes boast over 50% energy efficiency compared to their typical code-built counterparts. 

This builder stands out for its energy-efficient homes, which incorporate:

  • High insulation in ceilings, walls, and basements
  • Whole-house mechanical ventilation
  • High-efficiency doors and windows
  • Minimal air leaks
  • High-efficiency heating

You can contract Craig Wood Products if you want an energy-efficient green home built to code on PEI.

Picking the Most Suitable Green Builder in PEI

Prince Edward Island residents and those who plan to move there should review the various green home builders mentioned above.

These companies understand the importance of sustainability and create homes to minimize energy wastage.

Consider asking one of these builders to construct your future PEI green home after researching their services. Some offer specialized home types such as log cabins, while others offer premium luxury homes for homeowners with high budgets. 

We hope this guide ensures you choose the right builder to turn your home vision into a reality. 

Also, be sure to check out our list of the top green builders in neighboring provinces like Newfoundland and Labrador, as several of the companies features construct homes that are also considered sustainable, and may service your area of PEI.

Best of luck!

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