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Wind power is a top source of green energy for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and harnessing it has never been easier, thanks to small turbines. Small wind turbines make it cheaper and easier to harness wind energy, but you need a reliable unit to sustain your power needs. 

So, which small wind turbines fit the bill?

The rest of the article explores the best five small wind turbines you can purchase in Canada.

Best Overall: ECO-WORTHY 400W Wind Turbine Generator

The best small wind turbine you can buy in Canada is the ECO-WORTHY 400W Wind Turbine Generator. It is a hybrid turbine that uses a solar panel when the sun is shining and switches to the wind when it gets dark. 

The term reliability is not so typical for small wind turbines, primarily because of the reliance on wind, which is not entirely consistent. On the other hand, the design and construction of most turbines may not be the best, which causes problems such as overloading and poor power protection.

Promo photo of the ECO-WORTHY 400W Wind Turbine Generator with all its components
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ECO-WORTHY’s hybrid system takes care of the reliability issue, which is why it’s our best pick of wind turbine generators. The brand combines wind and solar power to optimize green power generation for your home. In addition, the 5.6 low startup speed ensures that power generation starts even when winds are dwindling.


  • Reliable power – wth low wind startup speeds and solar panels in a hybrid system, the turbine setup provides a consistent power flow. The stored solar energy is a good backup for home and boat usage. When the sun starts to go away, the turbine takes over.
  • Great blade design – eco-worthy has an excellent blade design. The three blades feature a lightweight nylon fiber construction that enhances durability and reduces noise and vibration.
  • Efficient hybrid control – the setup comes with a 20A PWM Hybrid Controller to protect your battery. The controller shuts down the system when the battery fills up, protecting it from a short circuit, and overcharging.
  • Versatile use – you can use the turbine on the boat, at home, on the farm, or go camping with it.
  • Easy to maintain – the primary materials on this turbine are cast aluminum and carbon fiber, ensuring it is durable, lightweight, and easy to maintain.


  • Expensive – this hybrid turbine is not very affordable.
  • Requires strong winds to spin – several consumers have expressed frustrations over the turbine not spinning in relatively strong winds, with some saying it wouldn’t get going in winds as fast as 40km/h (24)

Best Mid-Range Option: Pikasola 400W Wind Turbine Generator

When you lay your eyes on the Pikasola 400W Wind Turbine Generator, the first impression you get is how compact and easy it is to pack and take with you on an outdoor expedition. This mini-turbine can make an excellent investment for your RV.

The Pikasola Wind Turbine Generator Kit pictured in front of the roof of a home
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Most of us may not keep up with the speed at which technology is developing, and a mini-turbine with various functions may be too much for some people. 

However, Pikasola has a handy microprocessor that manages the primary operations, such as voltage flow, shut off, and turning to the windward side. Technology should be about simplicity, and Pikasola achieves that wonderfully.


  • Intelligent processor – the MPPT processor controls the main turbine functions to reduce human input significantly.
  • Small and handy – you can take it to your favorite campout spot in the forest for power generation.
  • Wide application – its small size makes the turbine versatile for the outdoors.
  • It has an anemometer – the turbine measures the strength of the wind to determine how much power you will get.


  • Low power – Most users complain about the average force this small wind turbine generates.
  • No mounting pole – the mounting pole is not part of the package, and you must buy it separately.
  • Brushes that degrade – the turbine uses brushes that degrade over time, affecting the durability of the whole unit.

Best Budget Pick: YaeMarine Wind Turbine Generator

The YaeMarine Wind Turbine Generator may not have fancy features like others in this review, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t any good. If anything, it has the right components for budget users. 

Photo containing all the components of the YaeMarine Wind Turbine Generator Kit
Courtesy of Amazon

This decent and straightforward small wind turbine is easy to set up and portable for travelers or people interested in camping and other outdoor enthusiasts.

You can also add this small wind turbine to a collection of others to power your home. It is not the most potent, but at 400W (0.53 hp), it certainly gives some bang for your buck.


  • Budget-friendly – affordable and ideal for outdoor enthusiasts or those who love going off-grid for long periods.
  • Durability – the five-blade design has high resistance against corrosion and UV rays, thanks to the nylon fiber material on the blades.
  • Low wind power generation – it produces power even when the winds are low, which helps when you’re off-grid. You can charge the battery and other critical devices as you enjoy the view of some mountains.
  • Sufficient energy – this small wind turbine has enough power for your needs when going on a camp or for your home when combined with other turbines.
  • Great for camping – one of the turbine’s advantages is portability. It does not have blades that are too long to carry around.
  • Easy installation and maintenance – this small wind turbine has a user-friendly design. The components assemble easily and quickly and don’t demand a lot of care.
  • Wide application – you can use this turbine in a gazebo, camping, at home with others, or on a boat.


  • Reliability – its durability and power performance are not great enough to use it as a stand-alone power source for your home.

Runner Up: Dyna-Living Wind Turbine Generator 

If you’re a homeowner looking to cut your power bills, the Dyna-Living Wind Turbine Generator  may be your answer. The generator kit has a 400W (0.53 hp) capacity and a low 2 m/s (4.47 mph) cut-in speed. 

Promo photo of the Dyna-Living Small Wind Turbine Generator
Courtesy of Amazon

Stability is one of the most significant issues with most other small wind turbines, and Dyna-Living solves this. Its unique design includes a permanent magnet rotor alternator for guaranteed stability.

The turbine also has a surprisingly smooth operation without noise and vibration. However, its durable design is arguably why it’s our runner’s up because it allows this unit to withstand the outdoors.


  • Lightweight – this turbine is one of the lightest and easiest to use.
  • Low-noise – it does not produce a lot of noise.
  • An auto-adjust system – the turbine has an intelligent system that turns it towards the windward side for optimum power.
  • Durability – this turbine has a three-phase AC with long service life and a heat-resistant Teflon wire. The wire will not damage even when overloaded, as it has a Teflon-made coil that can easily overcome high temperatures.
  • Efficiency – this small wind turbine is not so small after all when it comes to operation. It has good wind resistance and works quite well. In addition, it is effective in regulating the current and the voltage.
  • Suitable working temperature range – the operating temperature is -40°C to 80°C  (-40°F to 176°F), and you don’t have to worry about freezing blades.
  • Easy installation and maintenance – this unit is ideal for various applications with its effortless installation, repair, and maintenance. You can use it in mobile homes, gazebos, outdoor camping, and home.


  • Needs fast winds – requires at least 29.08 mph (46.8 kph) to achieve optimal power generation. Anything below that may not be sufficient to charge a battery.
  • Short bolts – some people complain of short bolts during installation.

Most Powerful: AISINILALAO Vertical Wind Turbine

The AISINILALAO Vertical Wind Turbine, a five-blade vertical axis turbine has an innovative design and exceptional power output. It’s small, with a look to fit any modern home setup without looking out of place. 

Promo photo of the AISINILALAO Vertical Wind Turbine
Courtesy of Amazon

Despite the compact design, it packs an impressive maximum power output of 1500W. It also has a high-powered microprocessor that regulates voltage and current to optimize the power output, which can be particularly useful in areas where wind speed keeps fluctuating.


  • Great design – this small wind turbine stands solus based on its compact and attractive design. In addition, the wheel blade design optimizes the power generation to ensure you’re never without power around the year.
  • It starts with low winds – the turbine starts working even when the wind is low, ensuring you get green power even when other home turbines are not functioning. The turbine has an automatic wind direction turning and does not need your input.
  • Easy installation and maintenance – the small wind turbine has a user-friendly installation procedure, and its maintenance and repair are not so demanding.
  • Durability – the material is aluminum alloy die casting and has a solid anti-typhoon capability.


  • Expensive – the unit does not come cheaply. 
  • Peculiar design – some people would instead stick with the design they are accustomed to.


A small wind turbine supplements power generation at home and reduces utility bills. In addition, a compact and reliable turbine, such as ECO-WORTHY 400W Wind Turbine Generator, reduces your carbon footprint and is an integral part of your home’s reliable power generation system. 

For those often on the go, mini-turbines are easy to carry, and you can use them in an RV camping or small hunting cabin.


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