The front exterior of a home, featuring an energy-efficient door

Energy-efficient doors can help you save on your electricity bills by reducing your heat consumption and ensuring that you stay warm inside your home. 

However, before you buy these Energy Star-certified entry doors, you need to know that the best materials they can be manufactured from are fiberglass, steel, aluminum, and vinyl.

This article will suggest some standouts among the most energy-efficient doors. We’ll also discuss the factors you should consider before purchasing Energy Star-certified models. Let’s get started!

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What Are the Overall Top Energy-Efficient Doors You Can Buy?

The best energy-efficient doors you can buy right now are the Emerson Therma-Tru fiberglass and Masonite Steel Primed doors. These doors have a polyurethane foam core – one of the most energy-efficient materials on the market – placed in the middle.

Best Fiberglass Door: Emerson Therma-Tru Benchmark Fiberglass Door

This energy-efficient door has an R-value four times more than wood doors because of its solid polyurethane foam core.

Therefore, this door effectively prevents heat from escaping outside and cold from entering your home. Moreover, the glass is triple-paned and low-emissivity (Low-E) to control heat flow into your house. As a result, you can significantly reduce your energy bill.


  • Various finishes – you can choose from multiple stains and paint colors that suit your house. For example, paint shades include mustard, sage, forest green, real red, and black, while the stains range from light oak to walnut and mahogany. With all these different finishes, you can make your home entry beautiful and welcoming.
  • Easy installation – this energy-efficient door is pre-hung, making it easier for you to install it yourself. Pre-hung means that the door comes with the attached hinges and all the materials you need to hang it up. However, if you are not comfortable doing the fixing yourself, you can ask for professional installation service or get your carpenter to do it.
  • Durability the Benchmark is less prone to getting dents, rust, and rot, enabling it to stay at its acme for years. This longevity is because it has a polyurethane core, which makes it resistant to damage. 
  • Lifetime limited warranty – you are assured of a replacement, a repair, or a refund if the door gets defects, such as cracks, peelings, and blisters. These damages should, however, not be a result of your failure to comply with the company’s installation, finishing, and maintenance—otherwise, the warranty may become void.


  • Restricted purchase – you can only buy this product from Lowe’s. So the store’s unavailability may cause shipping delays. Besides, if you prefer to shop locally, you may be lured out of buying it.

Door Specifications 

Product TypeFront door
Energy Star-certified?Yes
Frame size32-in x 80-in (81×203 cm)
Glass size22-in x 47-in (56×119 cm)

Best Steel Door: Masonite Prehung No Glass Steel Door with Brickmould

The Masonite Steel Primed Prehung No Glass Single Door with Brickmould shown as a garage door in a home
Courtesy of Denali

The Masonite No Glass Steel Door is remarkably insulated with a polyurethane foam core placed inside the door to help you save energy. Moreover, the lack of glass, which tends to be less effective in preventing heat transfers if it is not double or triple-paned, chemically treated, and weatherstripped, makes the door more energy-efficient.

You will have to do low maintenance on this energy-efficient door since the primer applied to it prevents it from rusting, and its steel surface is strong enough to withstand knocks and rain from lousy weather.


  • Easy and quick installation this model comes pre-assembled and ready for installation, with hinges already fixed on it and a brick mold. This means you can fit it yourself without professional help, which can cost extra money. So you can quickly install this steel door and start enjoying its energy-saving benefits.
  • Attractive look – Masonite’s steel energy-efficient door has decorative panels that make it beautiful. Also, it comes primed, so you can paint any color of your choice that can add appeal to your entrance and house. Moreover, the brickmould provided enables you to easily add a trim around the door, which gives it a richer look.
  • Secure protection this product is made from high-definition steel for ultimate security. In addition, the deadbolt lock plate applied to the jamb provides extra security, making your home hard to break in. Generally, a steel door makes you feel secure in your home, but this Masonite door made using superior steel can elevate that sentiment.


  • Restrictive warranty if you trim the door for a better fitting, in case it’s necessary, you can end up voiding the warranty. Yet, at times doing so is unavoidable because the length of the door may be longer than the available space. To avoid resizing the door, carefully measure your door frame to get the correct measurements before buying this product.

Door Specifications

Product TypeFront door
Energy Star-certified?Yes
Frame size36-in x 80-in (91×203 cm)

Best Vinyl Door: Dusco Tempered Clear Glass Vinyl Sliding Double Patio Door

This vinyl patio energy-efficient door has high thermal properties that enable it to regulate the temperature in your home consistently. In addition, the high-quality vinyl material makes it resistant to peels, chips, and cracks, ensuring that it remains looking beautiful.

The glass is tempered and argon gas-filled to improve its insulation and make it energy-efficient. All that enables it to decrease heat loss and consumption and create an environment-friendly home.


  • High security – this energy-efficient door has an anti-lift sash and mortise lock, which makes breaking into your home difficult. Its tempered glass is also more robust than ordinary glass, so it cannot easily break. All this ensures that you live comfortably in your house without fear of burglar invasion. 
  • Better insulation with its Low-E glass and triple weatherstripping, this door will ensure that you use less energy to heat your home. Its state-of-the-art insulation not only prevents heat from escaping outside but also stops drafts from entering the house. So, you can save on energy and use it sustainably for the good of your environment.
  • Very durable the door frame is covered with PVC to strengthen it, ensuring that it does not get damaged easily, making it last longer. The PVC also makes it resistant to rust that would have made holes in the frame, forcing you to make repairs. Thus, you can save money and spend it on other important issues.
  • No maintenance required since you do not have to worry about corrosion, the door needs no upkeep. Its self-lubricating rollers enable it to slide smoothly without a problem. Additionally, dirt and debris cannot get between its panels, making cleaning unnecessary.


  • It is expensive considering the many benefits of this model and its structure, the door is bound to be pricey. However, if you are cost-restrained, you may fail to buy this door even if you want a vinyl energy-efficient one. This price point can force you to opt for a cheaper one that could fail to insulate your home as expected.

Door Specifications

Product TypePatio door
Energy Star-certified?Yes
FinishTempered clear glass
Frame Size72-in x 80-in (183×203 cm)

Best Aluminum Door: Pella Rolscreen Aluminum Low-E Storm Door

Aluminum is a popular choice among homeowners when selecting storm doors because it’s lightweight, and the finish comes in various colors.

The Low-E glass of this energy-efficient door allows radiant heat to pass through it during the wintertime while at the same time preventing it from getting back out. On hot days, it can stop the same heat from entering the house.

The Pella Rolscreen Aluminum Low-E Storm Door shown installed in the front of a home
Courtesy of Pella

Moreover, it can stop cold air from getting inside your home in the winter season with its heavy-duty weatherstrip, ensuring that you retain heat inside your home. So if you have this door on top of your exterior door, you can save money on energy.


  • Improved energy efficiency when you add this storm door to your old exterior one, you can reduce energy loss. This added layer of insulation will prevent the draft from entering your home and simultaneously block heat in the house from escaping outside. With this added advantage, it will be easier to control your energy use and, consequently, help protect the environment.
  • Low maintenance its thick overlapping durable aluminum frame prevents it from rusting and getting dented from lousy weather. As a result, this reduces the number of repairs you would have to carry out. Moreover, you only have to clean it a few times a year unless you live in areas with high airborne pollution, and all you have to do is wipe it down with a mild glass cleaner and a soft cloth.
  • Exterior door protection – this storm door can stop the rain, ice, and snow from damaging your primary door, enabling it to keep looking new and last longer. Besides, it lowers the costs of maintaining your front door while allowing you to save the money that you would have otherwise used to replace the damaged door.
  • Enhances the look of your entry you can choose the color that complements your house best since it comes in multiple shades of white, black, cranberry, and green. This feature can make your house more appealing. Moreover, this product can make your home more welcoming to visitors as you can open the front door, allowing light to brighten the entry.
  • Extra security – the Pella Rolscreen has a built-in key lock, further protecting your home from burglars or intruders. On top of that, you rest assured that your toddlers will not easily get out of the house unattended. Furthermore, it can protect your home from flooding during a storm.


  • Heat buildup the glass panels of the door can trap heat, which can end up damaging your front door if exposed to the sun for a prolonged period. Therefore, you should avoid installing this storm door if your porch receives a lot of direct sunlight or if you live in a sweltering climate, as doing so will cause more harm than good.
  • The inconvenience of the two doors – it’s easier to get in and out of your home with just one door—the idea of opening one door after the other to take in groceries from your car can become tiresome. The doors can also slow you down when in a hurry.

Door Specifications

Product TypeStorm door
Energy Star-certified?Yes
FinishMultiple options
Frame size38-in x 80-in (97×203 cm)

Factors To Consider When Buying an Energy-Efficient Door

Before you decide to replace your old one with an energy-efficient door, some things you should consider first include:

  • The energy efficiency of your entire house – your windows should be insulated and weatherstripped to prevent cold air from entering and heat from escaping. It would help if you also protected the walls with wraps to avoid heat loss through conduction or convection, and you should cover any holes in the walls. You may even take it a step further and install energy-saving lights.
  • The area you live in – you may prefer a particular type of energy-efficient door, but it may not suit the weather in your location. For instance, you may want a sliding door yet stay in a cold area, making energy-saving difficult because these doors do not offer a tighter seal like swinging ones. Moreover, fiberglass insulated doors are the best for keeping homes insulated in all conditions.
  • Whether a door repair cannot do the trick, repairing your existing door to cover the holes and cracks and fix the weatherstripping may do the trick. Therefore, investing in a pricey, energy-efficient door is not always necessary. However, if you notice that your old door is beyond repair, you should buy a new energy-efficient door to help you cut back on utility costs.

Key Takeaways

Even though there’s no shortage of different materials for energy-efficient doors, fiberglass provides the best insulation for your home. However, a steel door does the best job if you’re looking for an energy-saving and highly secure option.

When choosing an energy-efficient door, keep all your preferences in mind to make a well-informed decision.  

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