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Shipping container homes are becoming increasingly popular in Texas due to their low cost, eco-friendliness, and efficient design. Since they aren’t like traditional houses, finding a suitable builder for shipping container homes can be challenging. 

So who are the best container home builders in the Lonestar State?

In this article, we’ll explore some reputable builders in Texas that make the best shipping container homes. All of them follow the required building safety guidelines, so there’s no need to worry about safety when choosing from these builders.

So, let’s dive in! 

The Top Container Home Builders in Texas

If you are looking for a shipping container home in Texas, excellent builders to check out include Containerhouse, Houston Container, and Stackhouse. Other top-notch firms include All-Star, CargoHome, and Backcountry, among others. Ensure your builders offer pre-design and custom options. 

1.) Containerhouse 

Suppose you’re looking for a reliable shipping container home builder with experience and an excellent reputation to support its claims. In that case, Containerhouse is one of the premium companies to consider. 

Exterior front view of a Containerhouse container home
Courtesy of Containerhouse

This company has been in business since 1975, boasting 40 years of experience with an expert team that prioritizes customer service and satisfaction. The firm’s long experience in the trade will ensure that it will create a container home that corresponds with your vision.

The company transforms existing International Organization for Standardization or ISO containers into fully furnished homes, offices, workshops, and small businesses in a wide range of sizes, which makes its container homes more affordable than its competitors. 

Containerhouse also builds multiple-story shipping container homes. Additionally, if you already have a container home and want to modify it,  Containerhouse is the best choice because they specialize in container modifications, keeping in view customer specifications.

2.) Houston Container

Houston Container is the builder to contact if you’re looking for fantastic customer service, excellent build quality, and reasonable prices. It has been in the shipping container business for over 19 years and serves most major Texas cities.

Exterior view of a Houston Container container home
Courtesy of Houston Container

The company excels in building container homes and container rooms for storage, mini-classrooms, and hotels. In addition, it offers personalized services and delivers its houses everywhere within the US.

Houston Container will fulfill your needs if you want the latest electric system in your container home with luxurious residential furnishing. The company also offers renovating services for your dwelling, and you can also choose from pre-planned container designs available on its official website. 

3.) StackHouse Container Homes

Being one of the more popular container home builders in Texas, StackHouse Homes offers 24-hour customer service and uses the latest technology for building shipping container homes, offices and workshops.

Interior view of a StackHouse Homes house
Courtesy of StackHouse Homes

The company also offers DIY building guidance if you want to create your container home and will accommodate home sizes between 100 to 5,000 square feet (9.2-464.5 sq m). 

It has a reputable team of builders, designers, contractors, and engineers who will ensure that your shipping container home is perfect. If you want a sustainable and environmentally-friendly home, then look no further, as Stackhouse designs container homes that emit fewer greenhouse gasses and save energy.  

Exterior view of a StackHouse Homes house
Courtesy of StackHouse Homes

Its construction team also keeps you updated about the progress of your home, and you’ll feel part of the construction process every step of the way. 

4.) All Star Containers

Exterior view of a All Star Containers home
Courtesy of All Star Containers

This family-owned and operated shipping container home builder has been in business since 2009. The professional staff offers top-notch customer service along with fair prices. The company uses shipping and storage containers to make your dream of living in a reliable container house a reality. 

When you work with All Star Containers, you’ll have more options when building your container homes. You can also choose to install the latest HVAC systems, electric and plumbing systems, and other modern features in your abode. 

Interior view of a All Star Containers home
Courtesy of All Star Containers

All Star container houses can also withstand harsh climate conditions, making them ideal for the Southern Texas climate. The company also incorporates many hurricane-proof design elements when manufacturing its houses.

5.) CargoHome

If you’re a resident in or around Waco, you don’t need to look far to find an excellent shipping container home builder because it’s right at your doorstep. CargoHome is a family-owned business that excels in container dwellings. 

Interior view of a CargoHome container dwelling
Courtesy of CargoHome

The company has years of experience drafting, designing, and building container homes that provide all the latest utilities and are compatible with modern interior systems. In addition, CargoHome builds container homes ideal for getaway spots or comfortable guesthouses. 

It also offers fully furnished, pre-made container homes delivered to your doorstep. 

Exterior view of a CargoHome container dwelling
Courtesy of CargoHome

If you want a transportable home with the latest amenities, CargoHome is the perfect builder. Its website also offers a worksheet called “Price Your Own CargoHome,” to help customers pre-plan and customize their dream container home.

6.) Backcountry Containers

Exterior view of The Kennedy, a container home by Backcountry Containers
Courtesy of Backcountry Containers

Backcountry founded this company in 2016 in Houston. It started as a simple family project and now specializes in shipping container homes and accessory dwelling units or ADUs. Today, the firm offers many building options, including single container homes or multiple container homes, which can work off the grid. 

The company provides unique and modern design options, so if you want a pre-planned container home, you’ll get one compatible with the latest electric and plumbing systems. Backcountry also offers customization options if you want to design your living space. Furthermore, customer service is one of its strongest suits. 

Interior view of The Kennedy, a container home by Backcountry Containers
Courtesy of Backcountry Containers

If you prioritize the environment above all else, then Backcountry Containers is ideal because it uses recycled shipping containers. Its service is also speedy; you can get your shipping container home within six weeks. 

7.) Flophouze

Exterior view of a row of Flophouze homes under the starry night sky
Courtesy of Flophouze

Flophouze has its own shipping container rental homes near La Grange. Its hotel is a popular vacation spot that has received excellent reviews for the infrastructure of its rental containers. 

If you are looking for an eco-friendly business venture related to rental shipping container homes, Flophouze is the right builder for you. Its own rental home business proves the company’s success and reliability. In addition, this company will cater to your needs if you want a custom interior and furnishing. 

Interior view of a Flophouze home
Courtesy of Flophouze

Flophouze also offers pre-designed homes and flexible design options, allowing you more choices in how you envision your container home. You can also enjoy all the latest utility systems in the homes. And even though their shipping container homes are eco-friendly, the firm doesn’t compromise on luxury.

Exterior view of a Flophouze home and pool
Courtesy of Flophouze

8.) Container Places

If you’re a resident of Austin and want to own a shipping container home, visit Container Places. This builder will make a sustainable container abode to your exact specifications. 

The company aims to provide affordable, eco-friendly shipping container homes that look unique and stylish. The team of expert builders uses cutting-edge technology to construct modern homes for you.  

Exterior view of a Container Places container home
Courtesy of Container Places

Furthermore, Container Places’ energy-efficient homes can take the place of traditional houses and tolerate extreme weather conditions. You can also use its homes in coastal regions with rough weather. 

9.) Kountry Containers

Kountry Containers is a shipping container home builder that goes out of its way to ensure quality in its structures. If you’re a minimalist and prefer simplicity over glamor, Kountry Container will build you a home that satisfies your taste in decor. 

Interior view of a Kountry Containers home
Courtesy of Kountry Containers

The simple and minimalistic designs won’t sacrifice your ease and comfort. On the contrary, it guarantees that your house will be equipped with the latest technology to make your container living experience exceptional. Remember, simple designs often stand out the most. 

Initially, the firm gives you a consultation and awaits a permit for the design to start building. Finally, it will deliver your house anywhere in the US. Kountry Container is also in charge of the installation process, so you won’t have to take on the responsibility or stress. 

Exterior view of a Kountry Containers home
Courtesy of Kountry Containers

10.) Bob’s Containers

Bob’s Containers uses shipping and storage containers to construct standalone homes and rental spaces for business opportunities. You’ll love its DIY container kits for your newly-built edifice. 

Interior view of The Joshua by Bob’s Containers
Courtesy of Bob’s Containers

You’ll find ready-to-ship homes on the website, and you can also ask for a custom design. The firm assists you in designing your shipping container home through various personalized options. Furthermore, the team of experts is responsive and highly collaborative throughout the building process. 

If you want a builder that prioritizes attention to detail and installs technologically advanced utilities in your home, you should reach out to Bob’s Containers.  

11.) Logical Homes

Logical Homes uses steel cargo containers and converts them into stylish modern container homes. If you want LED lights, solar panels, or any other utility, the company will install those to make you happy with the end product. 

Interior view of a container home by Logical Homes
Courtesy of Logical Homes

This builder has a team of expert designers, contractors, and builders that ensure the house is eco-friendly and doesn’t leave a large carbon footprint. Your shipping container home will also be built on a budget and uniquely designed. 

Logical Homes’ structures also use energy-efficient appliances (if you choose to have one with pre-installed amenities). In addition, the firm has a vision of using its shipping container homes to challenge traditional and outdated living standards and offer cutting-edge technology.


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