A screenshot of Jessica Gil's podcast Money Your Way showing the episode playback with Erin Shine

Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Jessica Gil, host of the popular Money Your Way podcast. I was featured on Episode 39 of the show, which is called Understanding the Monetary System and Macroeconomics.

During the interview, as the title suggests, I discussed the monetary system and my history with entrepreneurship and environmentalism, sometimes called the triple bottom line. After bouncing around between a few different sustainability and environmental companies, I finally had enough capital to return to investing.

a screenshot of the Money Your Way Podcast with Jessica Gil shown in the picture

I remembered how fun macroeconomics can be and refreshed myself on the monetary system. Now, one of my passions is helping others learn about the monetary system. When Jess invited me to do the interview on her podcast, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

We talked about a lot, but some of the major points include:

  • How to think about the world’s monetary and financial system in simple terms
  • Economic and business cycles
  • How it coincides with personal finance decisions
  • Real estate, investing, taxes in real estate
  • How we use sustainability, like energy efficiency and solar power, to increase the return on investment from our own homes.
  • Much more

The episode is available on Apple Podcasts, and Buzzsprout is a good way to listen also. I highly recommend you check it out as well as Jess’s podcast as a whole.

After all, with the volatile nature of our current economy and everything getting more expensive, I think we can all afford to learn how to be more prudent with money. Happy listening!

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