Shipping container homes are an ideal option for their uniqueness and durability. These houses have recently become popular all over the US.

If properly insulated, shipping container homes can combat the cold of Missouri’s winters. Add to this the benefits like low construction cost, and you get a winning deal.

Keep reading to find the best shipping container home builders in Missouri!

1. Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living shipping container home interior bedroom with toilet
Photo courtesy of Custom Container Living
Custom Container Living shipping container home brown exterior with a man sitting outside
Custom Container Living, an area staple since 2015, offers more than 15 container home floor plans to select from. (Photo courtesy of Custom Container Living)

Custom Container Living was founded by Robert Wagoner in 2015. Wagoner combines a passion for alternative structures and an experience in traditional construction.

This company creates shipping container homes that are both stylish and durable. It caters to every need, from vacation cabins to rentals and houses.

You can choose from over 15 different floor plans, including:

● 160-square-foot studios: the Professional, the Weekender, the Backyard Bedroom, and the Bachelor(ette).

● 320-square-foot one-bedroom home: Empty Nester, Happy Twogether, and the Pioneer

● 480-square-foot one-bedroom home: Dwell Well

● 640-square-foot one-bedroom home: Double Due

● 640-square-foot two-bedroom home: Double Due

● 960-square-foot two-bedroom home: Family Matters

● 960-square-foot three-bedroom home: Family Matters, Luxury 4 All

Since its establishment, this builder has served the locals of Missouri with its friendly customer service and experienced staff.

What We Like Most About Custom Container Living

Custom Container Living creates shipping container homes according to the strictest of codes. Choosing a certified container home facilitates obtaining municipality approvals and financing.

As its name implies, Custom Container Living allows you to customize any of its floorplans. You can choose your own windows, interiors, exteriors, flooring, etc.

That way, you can create your unique house or office space to fit your lifestyle.

2. Smithey Container Homes

Smithey Container Homes shipping container home interior living room with a staircase, a leather couch, and wall art
Photo courtesy of Smithey Container Homes
Smithey Container Homes painted shipping container home exterior
Smithey Container Homes was founded by Zack Smithey, who knows a thing or two about shipping container homes, considering he lives in one! (Photo courtesy of Smithey Container Homes)

Smithey Container Homes is a subsection of Zack Smithy’s Fine Art Company. Like all of Smithey’s work, these homes certainly demonstrate great creativity.

Zack Smithey himself lives in a 3,100-square-foot home made of shipping containers in St. Charles, Missouri. This unique house is Smithey’s showroom, which attracts visitors to his company.

The company provides its consumers with consultation and design services. Smithey’s combines decades of experience and strong relations with interior designers and creative artists.

What We Like Most About Smithey’s Container Homes

Smithey’s container homes are unique. They’re customized according to your needs and creatively designed and decorated.

With Smithey’s, you can get a nationally acclaimed design. Zack Smithey’s house was featured on Netflix and Amazing Interiors.

You’ll be living in a luxurious house made to impress!


Building a shipping container home in Missouri is a great idea. Such homes are durable, weatherproof, and quite beautiful.

If you live in Missouri, you can visit one of the abovementioned builders. They both feature great benefits.

Choose Smithey’s if you want a one-of-a-kind home distinguished by world-class creativity. On the other hand, go to Custom Container Living for a customized home that abides by the strictest of building codes.

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