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39 Ways to Save Up to 30% On Your Energy Bill (Step By Step)

We all want to save money on our energy bills, but the issue quickly becomes convoluted about what’s true and what’s realistic. We also don’t usually like to sacrifice our own creature comforts or luxuries in our home, something that we work so hard to attain in the first place.  That’s where this free guide will come in handy.
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Noisy Plumbing: Why Do You Hear Water Running Through Pipes?

Even the quietest of noises can seem horrendous at 3 am when we’ve been lying in bed trying to get to sleep for hours. So, it’s no wonder that a more serious plumbing-related noise can truly drive us round the bend. Some plumbing noises are very distinctive and are caused by one of a handful of reasons. Others can be much harder to pinpoint and diagnose, making them more challenging to fix.
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The Top 24 Sustainable Green Home Builders in Ireland

Despite the taxing global economic crisis, Ireland has remained a popular destination among expats. In fact, the Human Development Index (HDI) recently ranked Ireland in the sixth-best spot to live globally. Once you’ve decided to move to Ireland, the first thing you’ll need is a home. To make things easier for you, we have created this list of the best sustainable green home builders in Ireland.