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If you want to keep your home comfortable year-round with your desired humidity level and temperature, an energy recovery system could be your best option.

This unique system works by exchanging heat and moisture between incoming and outgoing airstreams in your home. In other words, you don’t need nearly as much energy to cool or heat the air in your home.

The long-term benefits include lower energy bills and fewer maintenance problems, and your HVAC unit will work for a long time to come because it’s not overburdened. 

When shopping for energy recovery ventilators, choosing a suitable unit – and indeed, finding the right place to find one – can be daunting. 

An energy Energy recovery ventilator exchange component and vents on a home's exterior

Your mind is probably full of questions like, “What if I spend a fortune on an ERV system that’s broken” or “How do I know that the vendor of the ERV system is trustworthy?” 

There aren’t many ERV system vendors out there – this is a niche within a niche. Businesses like Honeywell that do sell them prefer to go through distributors. 

With that said, we’ve researched and narrowed down the most reliable vendors, online stores, and retailers who sell high-quality energy recovery ventilators without costing you an arm and a leg. So without further ado, let’s deep into the nine best places to buy reliable energy recovery ventilators.

A Distributor Near You 

Buying local is an option that depends on where you live. And we believe this is the most reliable – albeit pricier – method of purchasing an ERV.

To exercise this option, you can visit the official website of your favorite brands, such as Honeywell Home and Panasonic, and choose an ERV. Don’t worry if the manufacturer won’t sell directly to you. Instead, the website will redirect you to an authorized vendor close to you based on your zip code. 

In the example of Panasonic, we were redirected to its EasyLocator page and found dozens of vendors based on where we live. In addition, Honeywell Home maintains its own database of authorized vendors and provides a list of stores you can contact to purchase the ERV you want. 


One of the best places to buy an Energy Recovery Ventilator is Amazon. The eCommerce giant has several options available directly through its platform and has warehouses worldwide to reduce shipping time. 

You will notice that they have a wide range of energy recovery ventilators and even sell parts and tools that are pretty affordable and easy to use for DIY enthusiasts. 

Amazon’s most significant advantage is its diverse selection of ERVs, which is essential because different units have distinct features a consumer may want to investigate. You can use Amazon’s powerful search engine to filter through all these features. 

The wide selection of ERVs that Amazon offers also brings a wide range of prices. The site has systems ranging from $3000 to $10,000, giving consumers a choice to balance quality with affordability. 

Click here to visit Amazon.


Walmart is an excellent platform for new buyers to shop for energy recovery ventilators. We found rare products such as Aprilaire 8100 that are not available in places like Amazon. So if you’re looking for something truly unique for your home, head to Walmart. 

Navigating the website is relatively simple, too, and you can select the seller with the most competitive prices for the ERV you are interested in to receive a great deal. Aside from unbeatable prices, Walmart is known for its excellent customer service (they have a reputation to keep). 

Walmart will respond to your queries relatively quickly with all the answers you need. Moreover, you get peace of mind knowing you can return the ERV for a full refund should you wish.

Like other eCommerce giants, Walmart relies on positive feedback from buyers, which is why they will go the extra mile to avoid disappointing customers. 

Click here to visit Walmart.com.

AC Wholesalers 

AC Wholesalers is to ERVs what Amazon is to regular consumer-grade goods. We found an exhaustive list of ERVs from reputable brands like Fantech, Solar & Palau, Honeywell Home, and Clean Comfort. You can filter through the products based on location, price, and condition.

More importantly, AC Wholesalers works with Affirm, a fintech company, to offer “Buy Now, Pay Later” solutions. So if you’re shopping on a budget or need financing on a product out of your range, then AC Wholesalers is the best place to buy ERV units.

Click here to visit AC Wholesalers.


eComfort was founded by Jon Hoch, who had a bad shopping experience when he set out to buy a lawnmower that met his criteria. He realized he could do a better job of selling high-quality electronic goods.

Hoch founded several web-based stores, including PressureWashers.com and eComfort.com, to sell high-quality equipment, and seems to have done an excellent job. For example, we found 25 products on eComfort, ranging from $400 (Panasonic FV-04VE1) to over $6,000 (LG ARVU123ZFA2).

Like other eCommerce giants, eComfort offers discounts and special offers throughout the year, allowing you to buy an ERV at an incredible value. So make sure to look for them when shopping here. 

Click here to visit eComfort


eBay was founded in 1995, a few years before the hype and buzz around internet 2.0. The fact that customers could conveniently buy what they wanted from eBay may have something to do with it. The founders of eBay created a model that has inspired countless eCommerce giants today, Amazon included. 

Currently, eBay has a global presence in nearly every country in the world. In addition, its online auction feature for ERV products is growing popular among users; thus, you will get to pick from a host of brands.

And you can get some excellent deals if you are patient. 

Pricing is generally reasonable, with eBay frequently running discounts on festive occasions. 

Click here to visit eBay


AliExpress is a leading online retailer based in China, where you will find a wide range of ERV units at reasonable prices. However, most of the brands featured on the site are relatively obscure, and you’ve probably never heard of them before.

Unfortunately, this also means that reviews for most of these products are scarce, and it is hard to judge quality without trying first hand, potentially meaning money down the drain. 

If you’re on the hunt for a rare ERV unit at a relatively affordable price, then AliExpress is hard to beat.  

Click here to visit AliExpress.

ERV Direct

ERV Direct exclusively sells energy recovery ventilators. We would have placed the company higher up on this list if it wasn’t because it only sells RenewAireERVs.

ERV Direct is an authorized distributor for the manufacturer and provides stellar customer service. 

So if you are looking for RenewAire products and couldn’t find them on places like Amazon or Zoro, then this is where you should look for them. 

Click here to visit ERV Direct


Zoro mostly sells DIY tools and home improvement equipment, but we were surprised to find a few ERV units. 

Unfortunately, inventory is limited, and most units are out of stock. For example, we found FV-04VE1 by Panasonic with its proprietary WhisperComfort technology, but it is unavailable. However, the same unit is available for purchase on Amazon. 

Click here to visit Zoro

Why You Should Go Through an Official Distributor (If Possible)

Whenever possible, you should always buy ERV units through an official distributor. This route ensures you get the highest quality possible because manufacturers always send their best products to certified dealers. While you can go to big box stores to shop for lower prices, you may end up trading quality for affordability. 

More importantly, authorized dealers have trained and informed staff on all the ERV units they carry. Employees can provide recommendations on the type of ERV you should buy based on criteria and location.

It also should be mentioned that the manufacturer’s warranty will protect your purchase, and you will get local support that is not possible with Amazon or eBay. 

Most authorized dealers also provide a service center, which is important for products that require professional installation, such as ERVs. The authorized dealer will not only ship a high-quality ERV to you, but they will also handle the installation.

Wrapping Up 

It’s always good to exercise options and get as many quotes from different vendors as possible. Due diligence will help you find the best price, service, warranty, and shopping experience. 

We hope these online sites will simplify your journey of buying an energy recovery ventilator. We have tried many of these stores and found them to be reliable. The only caveat with some of them is the dreaded ‘out of stock’ sign next to your favorite ERV products. So watch out!

If you would like to discuss, ask questions, or share your feedback on shopping for ERVs, feel free to leave a comment below!

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