While changing a blown light bulb with a new one is easy as pie, knowing if you have the right replacement is a different story. Before doing so, you have to consider a few things, such as the base size, bulb width, brightness, and the bulb’s common uses.

This post will tackle the different characteristics of an A19 and A15 lamp. More importantly, it’ll tell you if you can swap A19 LED bulbs with an A15 style.

Let’s take a look.

Swapping A19 LED Bulbs for A15 Style

If you’re wondering if you can exchange an A19 LED bulb for an A15, the short answer is yes, you can.

While an A19 has a larger glass bulb than an A15 lamp, they share the same base size, E26.

The initial “E” refers to Edison Screw, while the numeric “26” is the bulb cap’s diameter in millimeters. So, since they both can fit in an E26 light bulb socket, you can use these lamps interchangeably.

A19 LED Bulbs vs. A15 LED Bulbs

Knowing that an A19 and A15 LED bulb use the same base size isn’t enough to replace them with one another. You should also consider some of the key differences between the two to make an informed choice.

Height and Width

Apart from providing artificial light, we use LED lamps to improve the aesthetics of our house. Simply put, we use light bulbs as decorations.

You see, using lamps too big or too small might undermine the light fixture’s overall look. To know if an A15 LED bulb is a good replacement, check its height and width.

An A15 lamp has a height of 3.5 inches and a width of 1.87 inches. On the other hand, an A19 light bulb has a height range of 3.9 to 4.73 inches and a width of 2.4 inches.

Furthermore, knowing the lamp’s height and width helps you decide whether it’ll fit your appliances.

installing an a19 regular LED light bulb in my desk lamp
Measuring your light bulbs will help gauge if you should use an A15 or A19 style bulb.


Lamps nowadays are more energy efficient compared to the light bulbs of yesteryears. In the past, people determined brightness through the bulb’s wattage. Today, we use lumens to achieve the same thing.

You must check their average brightness when swapping A19 LED bulbs with A15s. Measured in lumens, it’ll tell you if the brightness of an A15 lamp is enough for your living space or appliances.

An A15 LED bulb has around 300 to 700 lumens, while an A19 lamp offers a maximum of 1,600 lumens.

Energy Consumption

The low power usage of LED bulbs is what many users love about these lamps. However, when it comes to A19 and A15 bulbs, they have differences in how much energy they consume.

An A15 LED bulb uses less energy per hour. That’s thanks to its 5.5 average watts. On the contrary, an A19 LED bulb consumes an average of 9.5 watts.

So, if you’re looking to save on electricity bills, try replacing your A19 LED bulbs with A15s and see how much you could save.

Can You Swap A19 LED Bulbs with A15 LED Bulbs According to Their Designed Purpose?

While an A19 and an A15 LED bulb have the same physical appearance, manufacturers designed them to function well in specific locations, fixtures, and appliances.

So, read on to learn each bulb’s designed purpose and see if you can still use them interchangeably.

What Is an A19 LED Bulb Used For?

The level of brightness that an A19 LED bulb delivers makes it a viable choice for spacious rooms.

Its multidirectional lighting is suitable for floor lamps and various ceiling light fixtures. You can expect it to evenly illuminate the room with its warm lighting.

Screnshot from a video to guide you in measuring the dimensions of an A19 light bulb
A19 light bulbs are standard bulbs that provide multidirectional lighting.

Furthermore, most wall sconces and pendants are designed to accommodate this lamp. Due to their dimmable capabilities, you can also use A19 light bulbs for many bathroom vanity fixtures.

This lamp is likewise ideal for chefs because it provides adequate lighting while cooks work in the kitchen.

What Are A15 Light Bulbs Used For?

Like the A19, an A15 LED lamp produces soft white light. However, it’s more suitable for smaller, studio-type apartments and small bathrooms.

This bulb is likewise built for home appliances. Its small size makes it an ideal candidate for many fridge models.

You can expect an A15 light bulb to last long even if you keep opening and closing the fridge door. Additionally, some ovens accommodate A15 lamps.

On top of that, consider using this LED lamp if you need something to light your garage. It can easily handle vibrations coming from electronic garage doors. Furthermore, ceiling fans are other devices for which an A15 bulb is built.

Lastly, many business folks choose A15 LED bulbs to light signage and decorate their shops. That’s because of the lamp’s low electricity consumption.

an A15 and A19 bulb standing up next to each other

Drawbacks to Interchanging A19 LED Bulbs and A15 LED Bulbs

At a glance, interchanging A19 and A15 LED bulbs seem harmless. However, if you aren’t careful, you may encounter some drawbacks.

For example, using an A15 lamp in a room that’s supposed to be lit by an A19 bulb could damage your eyesight over time. This is true, especially for people who love to read. A poorly-lit room can make their eyes overwork.

Conversely, replacing an A15 bulb with an A19 poses a similar danger. A large bulb in a ceiling fan designed to accommodate A15s might cause the glass bulb to touch the shades.

A shade without enough space for ventilation could make the lamp overheat and create a fire.

Final Thoughts

So, can you swap A19 LED bulbs with A15 style?

You can swap these bulbs with each other because of their identical cap size. However, there are some limitations to their interchangeability.

Their average brightness, size, and designed purpose are some of the things worth considering. Doing so will make the light bulb function in its most effective way and ensure your safety.

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