Moving to Illinois to start a new job or pursue a different career path? No matter your reasons, it’s always a good idea to consider moving to one of the most diverse states in the US!

If you’re a fan of history, lovely national parks, and upbeat city life, you’ve made the right decision to look for a new home in Illinois.

However, you may not be excited about the crazy expenses of buying an apartment or house there, which is why we suggest trying your luck with shipping container homes.

Shipping container homes are much more affordable, easily customizable, and versatile, perfect for living solo in a busy city or even for a small family.

If you’re ready to take this step, the following list of shipping container home builders in Illinois is definitely worth checking!

The Best Shipping Container Home Builders in Illinois

  1. Custom Container Living
  2. SI Container Builds, Inc.
  3. RS2 Architects
  4. Advantage Structures
  5. JPW Shipping Container Homes

Now, let’s take a closer look at each of those companies, shall we?

1. Custom Container Living

The exterior of the Happy Twogether home from Custom Container Living in Illinois
Photo courtesy of Custom Container Living
The interior of the Happy Twogether home from Custom Container Living in
The interior and exterior of the Happy Twogether model from Custom Container Living. (Photo courtesy of Custom Container Living)

Custom Container Living has earned the first spot on our list for numerous reasons.

First, even though the company only started in 2015, it’s backed up with years of experience thanks to its owner—Robert Wagoner—and his vast expertise in the field.

After a long time building and manufacturing traditional houses, Wagoner felt inadequate about his work and shifted his attention to container structures instead.

His hard work eventually paid off in Custom Container Living.

One of the greatest things about this company is that it doesn’t take the “Custom” part of its name lightly.

Once you visit its website, you can hover over the “Floor Plans” tab to choose whether you want your house to be a studio, a studio with a loft, a bedroom with a loft, etc.

After choosing your desired floor plan, you’ll have the chance to further customize anything from the house’s siding materials, doors and windows, flooring, and more!

Currently, Custom Container Living boasts many awe-inspiring projects that enrich its portfolio. We’re huge fans of the 20-foot Weekender, Family Matters 960SQF, and the Happy Twogether.

You can check these and more by visiting the company’s gallery.

2. SI Container Builds, Inc.

SI Container Builds showroom
SI Container Builds has a beautiful showroom with shipping container home models to explore. (Photo courtesy of SI Container Builds, Inc.)

SI Container Builds, Inc. is another shipping container home builder in Illinois that you may consider for your future container home.

While this company is mainly interested in building houses for tiny home communities, villages, campgrounds, and vacation rentals, the team there will gladly take your project.

This company is also known for completing its projects within a set time frame, usually eight to 12 weeks. Its pre-designed floor plans that answer to international building codes and standard regulations enable it to do that.

We also like their DIY feature, which lets you customize every detail of your container home and allows you to finish the project yourself!

3. RS2 Architects

RS2 Architects' shipping container home exterior on the water
RS2 Architects can build you a residential shipping container home as seen here. (Photo courtesy of RS2 Architects)

RS2 Architects is one of Illinois’s most reputable home builders, and not just for container homes. They carry out traditional residential and commercial projects, including remodeling homes, interior projects, new construction, and more.

Plus, since they were established in 2005, they have close to 20 years of experience.

Their container projects are also noteworthy, like the Westmont Shipping Container Home and Wisconsin Container Pavilion, which you can check out in their project gallery.

4. Advantage Structures

A dad and his kids sit outside of a shipping container home on a clear, sunny day
Photo courtesy of Advantage Structures. They offer readymade and custom shipping container homes.

Advantage Structures is a must-visit site if you’re looking for trustworthy shipping container home builders in Illinois.

Besides providing their customers with custom-made or readymade containers, these professionals specialize in other areas that make their work stand out.

They excel in building state-of-the-art projects ranging from restaurants and bars to offices, storage units, retail buildings, and industrial spaces.

All these structures are fully functional in container form, letting you know just how seriously Advantage Structures takes its vision for a shipping-container-friendly future!

We’re especially fans of their custom container portfolio, where you can browse multiple container sizes, exterior finishes, door options, and interior features.

5. JPW Shipping Container Homes

JPW Shipping Container blue home exterior
JPW Shipping Container Homes is based in Lombard and offers pre-made and modular homes. (Photo courtesy of JPW Shipping Container Homes)

Last but not least, we’ve got JPW Shipping Container Homes, one of the most experienced builders based in Lombard, Illinois.

Besides their promise of an easy, user-friendly container shipping building process from start to finish, they also specialize in conventional home improvement and commercial projects.

What makes this company stand out is that it’s ready to carry out modular home projects as well as pre-built homes.

There’s also the option to contact these professionals to modify your pre-existing container home.

To hire them, you must visit their website, click on one of their services, and you’ll be directed to a page that helps you understand more about that service.

Then, all that’s left is to fill in the form with your details (name, phone number, email address, zip code, and request.)

Soon enough, one of the professionals will contact you to learn more about the project you have in mind, and voila!

Final Thoughts

You know what they say about shipping container homes: they’re the future!

If you’ve been searching for a shipping container home builder in Illinois, whether in Chicago or anywhere else, we hope our list helps you.

Some of the firms that stood out were RS2 Architects, JPW Shipping Container Homes, Advantage Structures, Custom Container Living, and SI Container Builds, Inc.

So, please take a look at their project galleries, decide the most suitable company for your building needs, and give them a call or email them with your requests!

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