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There’s nothing like hot showers during the winter, especially in colder climates. Having a reliable heat pump water heater for showers or cooking helps prevent any frustrations from defective craftsmanship. But how reliable are they?

A hybrid heating system (using heat pump technology) is very reliable. Invented in 1948, heat pump technology has been around a very long time. Depending on the quality of materials and build of the system, heat pump technology can last for decades. Heat pump hot water heaters often include a 10 year warranty or longer.

In this article, we’ll be going over what to look for in warranties in hybrid heat pumps for water heaters. We’ll also show how hybrid heat pumps are reliable, why they last longer, and what risks you could run into if you purchase a regular heat pump. 

Heat Pump Reliability

Eco-Friendly Energy All Year-Round

Hybrid pumps are reliable! This is because they were designed to last all year long, and they use electricity as the main power source. They take heat from outside air, but if you live in a cold climate, don’t worry. Hybrid heating pumps can draw a substantial amount of heat out of the cold air.

The hybrid heating pump works by creating its own electricity from (up to 300%) a hot air source. When there is a major temperature drop in the winter, the heater can still draw enough heat for the water pump. The pump can operate well in temperatures as low as -4°F. After that, the machine will have to work extremely hard to pull out hot air for the hybrid pump. 

Automatic Convenience While Saving Money

The hybrid heating pump works with various levels of temperatures. Because the hybrid heat pump is flexible with gas heating, you will be saving money. Having a heat pump also helps increase the average lifespan of a boiler by reducing the amount of upkeep that is needed.

The control system itself is automatic and can turn itself on. However, changing the temperature requires a switch to be manually flipped. Luckily, this process is very user-friendly.

Tip: You may be able to have tax credit/rebate incentives from the state by using a hybrid heating system.

Warranties On Hybrid Heat Pumps

Below are charts providing different features and operation types in hybrid heating pumps systems.

80 Gallon Residential Hybrid Electric Heat Pump

A picture of the American Water Heater heat pump water heater on the left, with a description and specs on the right.
Features IncludedOperation Types
6-year warranty for parts with 1-year labor warranty if a residential applicantHigh Efficiency
(heat pump exclusive)
Energy Star approvedHybrid
(heat pump/electric)
4500 watts with emergency heating Conventional
(electric users)
Updated system that is user friendly for adjusting temperaturesVocation
(set schedule when away from home)
Uses CoreGard products, Eco-Friendly, comes factory installed

HPX 80 DHPT Premier Hybrid Heat Pump

A picture of the State Water Heater 80 gallon unit on the left, with the tital and links to the instruction manual, spec sheet, and warranty sheet on the right.
Features IncludedOperation Types
Save 71% on heating bills or $437+Anode
Holds 66 gallons
10-year warranty
Provides 80 GPH (gallons per hour) within an hour

10 50 DHPHT NE- 50 Gallon Hybrid Electric Heat Pump Water Heater

A picture of the Reliance 80 gallon heat pump hot water heater on the left, with the specifications on the right side, along with the $300 federal tax credit highlighted.
Features IncludedOperation Types
1-year labor warrantyHigh Efficiency (heat pump)
208/240 Voltage NeededHybrid (electric is included)
10-year warranty Conventional (electric)
Eligibility for $300 in federal tax creditVocation (set schedule as needed)

Risks With Regular Heat Pumps

Like all appliances, heat pumps will have problems one way or another. Here are the four most common problems heat pumps face and their root causes:

Not Turning On

  • Power Loss: this may just be a tripped breaker, but if it happens repeatedly, it is a sign of electrical failure and needs a technician.
  • Broken Starter Capacitor: If you hear a faint clicking, it’s a problem with the starter capacitor and will require a technician to replace the broken part.

Not Getting Hot

  • Blocked Air Pump: Debris can block the airflow; the simple solution is to clean the pump.
  • Dirty Air Filter: If the air filter is too dirty, it can block the airflow. Either clean or replace the filter.

Running Constantly

  • Weather is too cold: If the weather is too cold, the heater may run nonstop due to the ambient temperature around the unit being too cold to extract heat from it.
  • Broken compressor contractor: If the contractor is damaged, the pump will run constantly. A professional technician will need to replace the part.

When Plumber Get Called In

Although some of these problems can be fixed with the right research and work, it’s almost always best to call in a professional technician to find and fix the problem, especially if parts need to be replaced.

Tip: When getting a plumber to come in to fix a water pump, you’re looking at maybe $300-$750, possibly more depending on the problem and if parts need to be replaced. Replacing an entire water pump can cost hundreds when out of warranty, with labor being an additional charge.

I also say plumber because they are usually the ones who deal with hot water heaters, but heat pumps can actually involve both electrical and HVAC expertise as well, so make sure your plumber is trained and familiar with this new heat pump/hybrid technology!

Best Hybrid Heat Pumps To Buy

Model FeaturesPriceSource
Rheem Performance Platinum 50 Gal.*10-year warranty
*Saves $400+ in energy costs
*Remote Wi-Fi control when away
*Supplies hot water for 3 or more bathrooms
*Reduces Carbon footprint by 75%
Stiebel Eltron ACC300 Accelera 300 Electric Water Heater 80 Gal. *Saves heating costs by 80%
*Disposable anode rod
*Best used in warmer areas
*Dehumidifier features
*Less energy at 2.5
*Little to no maintenance
or payment plans up to $185/month
A picture from the Home Depot website of the Rheem hybrid hot water heater shown. It indicates it's wifi-connected and it also has a 4x more efficient symbol, to show it's energy efficiency.
Courtesy of HomeDepot.com

These hybrid heat pumps listed are popular with high ratings from customers. The price listed is the cost of the product, so remember that replacing your water pump heater with a hybrid pump heater will cost more for manual labor as well. But, if you decide to make the switch, it will be well worth it.

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  1. excellent summary.
    In Australia we dont call them Hybrid heaters but they often still have backup / booster elements – it doesnt get cold enough here to need electric heating as part of normal operation.
    I power my heat pump from Solar PV – its 15x less expensive than gas to run makeing for a saving of $2-3 a day. (if you only heat water more expensive as gas gets cheaper per MJ if you use plenty of it here )

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