21 of Florida’s Best Green Homebuilders: Why We Like Them

It’s an exciting time in your life, as you’ve decided to get your own home built in the beautiful, sunny state of Florida. You want your new property to be green from the foundation to all its features, so you’re seeking home builders with a focus on sustainability.

But who are the best green home builders around the Sunshine State? We’ve made a list of all the net-zero, green-built, and sustainable homebuilders in Florida. 

In this informative guide, we’ll introduce you to all the green home builders on the above list. We’ll also provide a few tidbits on what we like about each one. By the time you’re done reading, you should have plenty of sustainable Florida construction companies to get your dream green home going!

Florida Green Construction Inc.

First on our list is Palm Coast’s Florida Green Construction Inc., a 2019 Energy Star Certified Homes Partner. They design their homes for great energy efficiency, promising savings of more than $30,000 in utility bill costs over the first 10 years of homeownership plus tens of thousands of dollars more in all the years to come. 

A screenshot of the Florida Green Construction Inc. homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

Outside of their eco-friendly homes, Florida Green Construction Inc. designs its properties for less mold, pollen, and allergens. Their builders also use impact-resistant and wind-mitigated materials so their homes can withstand frequent Florida hurricanes. 

GreenLife Luxury Homes 

Boutique beauty is the standard at GreenLife Luxury Homes, which works and builds in Bradenton and Sarasota. You’ll hardly believe that the luxe materials used to construct your home are sustainable, but they are! 

A screenshot of the GreenLife Luxury Homes homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

GreenLife promises unique materials when building homes. They design in contemporary, cottage, and other styles that have been featured on TV programs like Showcase of Homes on ABC News. 

EcoSun Homes

EcoSun Homes in Palm Bay builds net-zero homes so you’re only using as much energy as your home produces. Their builders promise fantastic energy efficiency through the installation of an electronic thermostat, air conditioning with a SEER rating of 16 and up, a hybrid water heater, spray foam, low-E windows, and a solar panel system. 

A screenshot of the EcoSun Homes homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

You can automate your home through EcoSun to adjust the thermostat, security system, and lights using your smartphone app. Now when you’re not at home, you’re not needlessly using electricity. 

TerraWise Homes

Jacksonville’s own TerraWise Homes is a certified EnergySmart Builder through the Residential Energy Services Network or RESNET. Their homes are net-zero as well, as their builders will install a solar voltaic power system that takes sunlight and converts it into usable electricity. If your home makes more electricity than it needs, you can receive an energy credit to lower your monthly bills. 

A screenshot of the TerraWise Homes homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

TerraWise ensures all their homes have a high rating on RESNET’s Home Energy Rating System or HERS Index. The average score is 100 to 130, with the lower the better. TerraWise homes get a 0 score on the HERS Index!


Have you ever thought about living in a modular steel home? The aptly-named SteelHomes builds custom homes with their light gauge steel. All steel used for their home projects is completely recycled. The industry recycling rate for SteelHomes’ steel is a very solid 68 percent. 

A screenshot of the SteelHomes Modular homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

Outside of their prioritization of environmental friendliness, SteelHomes’ properties are mid-priced, resistant to hurricane damage, and non-combustible so fires can’t easily spread. 

Cogdill Builders of Florida 

Construction is in Mike Cogdill’s blood, as he’s the fourth generation of Cogdill construction pros. His company, Cogdill Builders of Florida, follows sustainability best practices when designing and building homes as established by EnergyStar and Green Building. If yours is a SMARTHOME, it will feature solid-poured concrete walls, radiant barrier sheathing, Energy Star appliances, low-infiltration envelope sealing, green entry doors and windows, and efficient HVAC. 

A screenshot of the Cogdill Builders of Florida homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

Cogdill Builders is dedicated to green building throughout the whole home. Cogdill’s team will limit the disturbance of onsite soil and nearby animal habitats and create water management plans in addition to the above green features. 

Synergy Homes 

Synergy Homes’ Gold Series and Platinum Series homes promise 50 percent greater energy efficiency compared to other new construction homes and 75 percent greater efficiency next to existing homes. This is in part due to their airtight thermal envelope, which Synergy says limits the loss of energy from the outer walls, doors, windows, roof, and the home’s foundation. 

A screenshot of the Synergy Homes homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

The Synergy home building envelope includes hurricane-resistant, double-pane vinyl windows, R-6 vinyl board walls, R-13 Icynene spray foam, and more seals around the bottom rail and header than the building code currently requires. 


At Greencastle, they believe homes should be more than average. They strive to build properties that don’t impact our earth with each new construction. Their homes feature more clean air, less mold, reduced outdoor noise, and awesome energy efficiency. Through all this, Greencastle doesn’t forget to add hurricane resistance to their beautiful properties.

A screenshot of the Greencastle Homes homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

Whether it’s a curated or custom home, Greencastle says that through their energy-efficient add-ons, you may be able to save on your energy bills at a rate of 60 percent. Between that and the high resale value of their properties, you’ll have more money in your pocket. 

Hudd Construction Inc. 

The Huddleston family is behind Hudd Construction Inc. in Gainesville, which only builds homes using green technology. Their favored materials are adobe (a combination of dirt or clay with straw), bamboo for flooring, recycled rubber, and clay. 

A screenshot of the Hudd Construction Inc. homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

As Hudd Construction says, green building is “the backbone of everything we do.” You’ll breathe easier with fresher indoor air, save money on your water and energy bills, and appreciate the great durability of green building materials if you work with Hudd. 

Green Building Construction Corp. 

South Florida’s Green Building Construction Corp. builds their homes with insulated concrete form exterior walls and impact-resistant glass. Outside of home building, they also offer green home remodeling so you can make your current Florida home even eco-friendlier. 

A screenshot of the Green Building Construction Corp. homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

Green Building Construction Corp. is certified through Green Advantage, which requires not only environmentally efficient building design but construction crew safety and excellence as well. 

ECO Home Builders 

It’s in the name: ECO Home Builders in Hollywood is all about going green with custom home construction. Their team can help you design a home that’s better for the environment and then bring your plan to life with sustainable building materials, wall insulation, and roofing. Some of those materials include renewable linoleum, cork, and bamboo. 

A screenshot of the ECO Home Builders homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

ECO will install solar panels on your roof so you’re less reliant on your heater or air conditioner. Your monthly energy bill savings will make the solar panels a worthwhile investment in a matter of months. 

KHP Homes

Like SteelHomes, KHP Homes’ properties are built using steel framing with structural insulated panels. These materials are better for the planet than stick-frame building. You can save upwards of 30 percent on your framing labor costs and save another 40 percent on utilities through your reduced reliance on HVAC due to the airtight seals that steel can create. 

A screenshot of the KHP Homes homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

The fast working speed of its team isn’t only because KHP’s contractors are proficient, but steel construction goes quickly since they don’t have to shim. Oh, and there’s 30 percent less jobsite waste from installation work as well. 

Generation Homes

The beauty of custom Florida homes meets green efficiency at Generation Homes in St. Augustine. Through all three phases of their home construction process, the team will focus on ways to reduce your energy usage, such as through low-E window installation or EnergyStar appliances. They also follow the University of Florida, St. Johns Water Management Program for Resource Efficient Communities or PREC plan for water conservation. 

A screenshot of the Generation Homes homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

Generation Homes offers homeowner education programs so you can discover more ways to keep your home green long after it’s built. 

H3 Homes

South Florida’s H3 Homes specializes in insulating concrete forms to create an envelope around your custom-built home for better sustainability. Their new home construction may have performance values of around R50, with a higher R-value denoting greater energy efficiency and climate control. 

A screenshot of the H3 Homes homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

H3 Homes also builds their custom green homes with Icynene spray foam insulation, air conditioning with high SEER ratings, PGT WindGuard windows and doors for impact resistance, and roof trusses complete with hurricane straps. 

LifeStyle Homes 

The solar-powered homes that LifeStyle Homes is known for also include a SunSmart building package. SunSmart is a building philosophy that can cut down on your energy bill spending by 40 percent. 

A screenshot of the LifeStyle Solar Powered Homes homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

LifeStyle has even taken into account how life has changed in the wake of COVID-19 with their HealthSmart program. HealthSmart homes are built with Microban carpets, anti-VOC paints, Profoam open-cell spray foam (which has an R-value of 24), carbon monoxide detectors, ductwork, and MERV 11 UV filters for air purification. 

Perez Homes Inc.

The family-owned Perez Homes Inc. has built homes throughout Florida since the 1950s. Today, Perez Homes is part of the Florida Green Building Coalition and the United States Green Building Council. 

A screenshot of the Perez Homes Inc. homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

Perez Homes can make small green renovations to a preexisting home such as low-flow toilets or build you a custom sustainable home from scratch. 

Tommy Williams Homes

The eponymous Tommy Williams built his own home first before he moved on to constructing other properties. In business for decades now, Williams’ dedication to sustainability precedes him, not to mention many other homebuilders around Florida. Tommy Williams homes are net-zero and have a top ranking in sustainability. 

A screenshot of the Tommy Williams Homes homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

Even though your electric bills won’t be as high after having a custom green home built for you by Tommy Williams, the company will pay for your first-year electric bill anyway. 

DC Green Contracting LLC

Ben Dyer didn’t name his company DC Green Contracting LLC for no reason. He and his contractors design metal buildings for residential and commercial use, including medical, institutional, commercial, retail, and restaurant industries. 

A screenshot of the DC Green Contracting homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

DC Green Contracting is a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED partner. Dyer himself received his LEED AP certification through the United States Green Building Council. 

Brite Homes

Green, net-zero homes that start at around $200k may sound like a dream, but not at Brite Homes. Serving Wedgefield, Volusia, North Port, Poinciana, Palm Coast, Palm Bay, and Cape Coral, Brite Homes feature advanced air filtration systems and natural lighting so you use less electricity. 

A screenshot of the Brite Homes homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

You can get solar paneling on the roof, eco-friendly windows and doors, a hybrid water heater, home automation, spray foam, and LED lighting installed so that from the roof to the basement, your home is its greenest yet! 

Compass Builders of Florida

As Compass Builders of Florida says, “we make your blueprint into your green print.” Company owner Terry Jones is a National Association of Home Builders-issued Certified Green Professional. When designing green homes, Jones doesn’t just consider energy efficiency, but the home’s appeal as well. The result is a total package of a house. 

A screenshot of the Compass Builders of Florida homepage, showing their logo, top menu, and tagline.

Why We Like Them

Like some of the other Florida home builders we’ve covered, Compass offers green home remodeling as well. Compass’s remodeling is done with the assistance of their certified interior designer. 

Atlantic Design Homes

The EPA once declared Atlantic Design Homes its National Builder of the Year. Today, Atlantic partners with Energy Star, and their homes are certified through the Florida Green Building Coalition as well. From landscaping to HVAC, plumbing, doors, windows, electrical, insulation, framing, and the home’s foundation, Atlantic chooses sustainable practices and materials. 

Why We Like Them

Atlantic Design Homes even pay attention to the fine details of a home, such as adding an oxygen depletion sensor to a fireplace or using insect-resistant cypress for the exterior trim of the home. 


Whether you’ve chosen to settle down in Florida to start a family or to retire here, the 21 green home builders we discussed today can make you a home that will pay back dividends for a lifetime. You can save money on your utility bills and know that your home uses only the energy it requires, nothing more! 

And if you’re a builder and we happened to miss you in our search throughout Florida, please contact us to see about being added.

Erin Shine

Erin Shine

Founder | Attainable Home

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