What’s Happening in the News: Late March 2021

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In today’s post, we look at buying vs. renting, the future of climate migration in the U.S., adapting building codes to encourage resiliency, and a roadmap for getting buildings to all electric power. Then we’ll get a good look at the first 3D printed house on the U.S. market.

Where Buying’s a Bargain

In 15 out of the 50 largest U.S. metro areas, it’s now cheaper to buy a median-priced home than it is to rent, according to Realtor Magazine. It’s still more affordable to rent in many locations. But in spite of increasing home prices, more cities are leaning toward buying becoming more affordable. Click through to find out which cities made the list and read more about the different factors in play. For some perspective on the benefits of owning, check out our article here.

Photo of stadium and city skyline of Cleveland, Ohio.
Cleveland, Ohio tops the list of cities where buying is a bargain.

Where Owning Could Become a Liability

Last month, we saw a temperature swing of 85 degrees Fahrenheit within a week in Wichita, Kansas. It didn’t feel much like global warming when we were at 15 below! But it’s impossible to deny that the weather is getting more extreme. Here’s a series of interactive maps showing how the habitable part of the United States is likely to shift as our climate changes. Different versions of each map show different results based on the level of carbon emissions over the intervening years.

If you live near a coast, you should also definitely read What Sea Level Rise Is and How To Calculate It On Your Home. We have a free calculator there for you to download that will help predict how much rising seas could affect your home in the future.

Building For Disaster

Extreme weather is setting the stage for ever-increasing natural disasters: severe storms, floods and wildfires. The price of being unprepared is infinitely higher than investing in a resilient home. Here are some thoughts from the experts on what we could be doing better.

Tour The First 3D Printed House in the U.S.

Its disaster resistance is only one small element of the charm of the first legally permitted 3D-printed house in this country. We took a quick look at it last time around, but today’s video goes more in-depth.

All-Electric for BETR Buildings

The Building Electrification Technology Roadmap (BETR) is tailored to the state of California. But it presents a plan for moving toward all-electric buildings that’s useful for homeowners and contractors in every state. Read the summary at New Buildings Institute.

“Replacing fossil fuel-based space heating, water heating, cooking, and laundry systems with efficient all-electric technologies cuts energy use by over 40% and carbon emissions by over 75% for those four end-uses…”


Happy Spring!

Even if you’re missing that extra hour of sleep today, we hope you enjoy the extra hour of sunshine. Spring officially begins this week!

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the links above or any of the topics. Drop us a line in the comments and let’s get acquainted.

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