What’s Happening in the News: Late January, 2021

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How about some good news? Our roundup is full of positives this week. A booming housing market, millennials gaining wealth, and real moves toward net zero by some big players have us feeling better about this year. Read on!

Millennials’ Finances Are Finally Improving

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We’ve seen a lot of gloom and doom around here about how rough millennials have had it since beginning adulthood in the middle of the Great Recession. But while many still have a staggering burden of debt to pay off, compared to Boomers and Xers, their collective assets increased the most–making a 21 percent jump between 2019 and the third quarter of 2020, Fox Business reports.

2020 Calamities Spur Progress for Net Zero

In so many ways, 2020 was a kick in the pants, wasn’t it? But sometimes a little pain helps get our attention so we can make necessary changes. That seems to be the case with climate concerns and net zero investments. There were (justified) fears that economic woes would put a damper on businesses spending to make themselves greener. But instead, many major companies saw the need to increase their resilience and sustainability. And those companies include Amazon, Apple and Microsoft.

Mindy Lubber at Forbes.com tells us that “This year, the number of the world’s largest companies committing to net-zero emissions targets…tripled to 1,500 from the start of the year.”

Investment firms and asset managers also increased their commitments to support net-zero portfolios.

What’s Next For Tesla?

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Over at Elektrek, Fred Lambert speculates that the growth of Tesla Energy is poised to overtake and surpass electric vehicle sales. Of course, electric vehicles are growing in popularity and accessibility. But solar roofs and the exponential expansion of the market for energy storage are two aspects of the business that could take center stage in the future.

Energy Challenges in 2021

Here’s a list of 10 energy and climate issues to watch in 2021 from Amy Harder at Axios. The predictions? Some things (crazy weather) will stay the same, while others (presidential policies) are up for major changes. Others to watch include the changing roles of oil and natural gas, plus how China and India will handle carbon regulations. Most encouraging on the list, she expects states and cities to continue doing right by the climate at the local level. It’s a decade-long trend that’s continued in spite of federal inattention.

2021 Real Estate Outlook from Zillow

Zillow Resumes Buying Homes in Six Additional Markets as Housing Market  Continues Strong Recovery

Zillow Research is boldly predicting that 2021 will have the biggest growth in home sales since 1983. Buyer demand has continued strong throughout 2020. Some sellers were reluctant to enter the market during the uncertainty of the pandemic. But they’re likely to feel safer doing so as conditions improve. Affordability is likely to take a hit, though, as mortgage rates and rent prices rise to keep pace with the recovering economy.

What Do You Predict?

So what’s your outlook on 2021 so far? Are the encouraging trends only in the news? We’re planning for an exciting year of developments here at Attainable Home. And we hope your year is fantastic, too! See you in two weeks!

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