What’s Happening in the News: Late December 2020

Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash

Well, everyone, we made it! In just over a week, we’ll leave 2020 behind us. To celebrate, our news roundup is full of optimism this time around. Keep reading for a bright outlook on green construction, home ownership for millennials, net zero communities, and affordable electric vehicles.

Millennials Embrace Home Ownership

Around here, we’re firm believers in the benefits of home ownership. And while they’ve shied away from home ownership in the past, here’s an article documenting a notable shift: Millennials Pivot Toward Homeownership; Economic Ripple Effects Still Unknown. The comparison to the post-WWII economic environment is thought-provoking.

A Self-Charging Solar Car

Image courtesy of Aptera

Electric and hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more common. Here’s one with a twist: it includes its own solar array that recharges it for free! Of course, it can also be plugged in for overnight or cloudy-day charging.

Zero-Energy Optimism

Head on over the The Zero Energy Project to find out why they’re optimistic about electric vehicles, the growth of renewables, buildings going electric, and communities going solar.

Working Together To Get To Zero

Getting a single house or building to net zero can be challenging. But a community working together to leverage its resources enjoys some advantages. Contractormag.com encourages builders to recognize the advantages and use them to help get more communities to zero faster.

Living Buildings

In this video, architect Jason McLennan lays out his vision for construction practices we can truly live with. We hope it leaves you inspired for the future!

See You in 2021!

From Attainable Home to all our readers, we wish you Happy Holidays and many blessings in the coming year. Thanks for reading!

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