What’s Happening in the News: Early January, 2021

Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash

Happy New Year–we made it! 2021 is finally here and we hope it’s a much better year for everyone. We’re looking forward to an exciting year with lots of new developments here at Attainable Home. We hope you’ll join us for the ride!

In this first news roundup of the year, we’re staying with some of our favorite topics: renovations, millennial home ownership, care for the environment, and innovative housing. Enjoy!

New Year, New Kitchen

Did you spend more time in your kitchen during 2020 than ever before? A lot of people did, and many of them decided it was time for an update. Apartment Therapy brings us ten kitchen remodels in every price range, in case you’re still looking for inspiration. (Be warned: the before and after shots are not taken from the same vantage point. While the improvements were impressive, this made it difficult for me to grasp what had actually changed. I felt vindicated when I noticed the very first commenter made that exact complaint.)

Millennials, COVID, and Real Estate

High home prices are still making it difficult for student-debt-laden millennials to get into the housing market. But the pandemic has definitely changed how many feel about it, according to this article. Reluctant to be tied down pre-COVID, millennials are now willing to make the necessary sacrifices to invest in the stability of a home.

Cities Where Homes Are Cheap

Photo of Detroit by Josh Garcia on Unsplash

If you’re one of those millennials with a strapped bank account who still wants to purchase a home, here’s a list of fifteen cities where your dollar will go further, faster. Based on median income and home prices for each location, the list breaks down how long it will take to save for a down payment to buy your own place. In top-ranked Detroit, it would take just over a year and a half to save enough if you were able to set aside 20 percent of your earnings.

Carbon Footprint Quiz

How climate-savvy are you? Here’s a four-question quiz from the New York Times to help you find out. It’s based on a study headed up by a doctoral student at the University of British Columbia. Spoiler: you’ll bomb the quiz. But apparently, everyone in the original study (965 participants) did, too. (And so did I.) The article does not explain how the researchers calculated the climate impact of the different choices in the quiz. But it did inspire me to get those clothesline poles lying in the back yard planted in the ground this year!

A Foldable House!

How cool is this? It’s a pre-fab tiny house that folds up so small, a single truck can haul a few of them. And with the help of a crane, it can be move-in ready in just a few hours. Designed by Brette Haus, a startup in Latvia, the smallest, simplest model costs about $23,000.

Brette Haus Rustic construction
Photo courtesy of Dwell.com

So, What’s Your Resolution?

Buying a home? Improving the home you already have? Caring for the environment? Something completely different? We’d love to hear from you in the comments. From all of us here at Attainable Home to all our readers, we wish you a safe and prosperous 2021!

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