What’s Happening in the News: Early December 2020

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It’s the tail end of Autumn, whatever the weather may feel like in your part of the country. Our next news update will welcome winter–and be the last one for this exceptionally crazy year! Today, we have a New Year’s resolution for millennials/Gen Z to do better with personal finances, a look at net zero in the E.U., how to find and finance energy efficiency in a home, and the happiest states in the U.S.

What Aren’t We Rethinking in 2020?

People magazine reported on a study showing that 70 percent of millennials and Gen Z-ers are rethinking their approach to personal finances because of the pandemic. Among other details, 60 percent of respondents also said they’d like to improve their budgeting skills but don’t know where to start. We think understanding the economic system we live with is a great place to begin.

Europe Reaches for Net Zero

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Europe is getting serious about net zero renovations in all its existing buildings. This article from Politico walks us through some of the options a typical European family could be presented with in the coming years. (And here’s a little background on the E.U.’s Renovation Wave that’s referenced in the article.)

Shopping for Energy Efficiency

If you’re buying a new home, energy efficiency (or the potential for it) should be high on your wish list. Here are some helpful tips from SaveOnEnergy.com on what to look for.

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Paying for Energy Efficiency

If you’re buying (or own) a home that’s in need of energy improvements, you should know about Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) loans. PACE loans are repaid as part of the owner’s property taxes. This makes them a great option for owners who might not live in a home long enough to realize the full payoff from energy improvements, since the payment can be transferred to a buyer. Currently, they’re only available in a handful of states, but more states will be introducing them. If you live in a state where PACE isn’t available, you have other financing options. Check out our Complete Guide to Energy-Efficiency Loans and Mortgage Options to learn more.

In A State of Happiness

Just for fun, here’s a survey from WalletHub ranking U.S. states by the happiness of their residents. The survey took into account key factors like emotional and physical wellbeing, work environment, and community. Probably no one was surprised when Hawaii took first place (even with the lowest adequate sleep rate!). But some of the other results were surprising, I thought. Make your own guesses about which states were best and worst, then click through to see if you’re right.

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We hope you’ll join us again in two weeks to read up on all things housing, finance and renewables. And plan to stick around in 2021 for some exciting Attainable Home developments. Stay well!

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