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A picture of a large utility-level solar array with solar panels mounted on the ground, and a bright sunny sky in the background.
Renewable & Efficiency Technology

How Fast is The Solar Energy Industry Growing in the USA?

Without a doubt, the growth of the solar industry is really picking up steam and there appears to be no turning back from here, given the lower cost and mass adoption rate. See how solar is growing across the U.S., and what states are growing the fastest.

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A picture of two solar panels together with light snow covering them. Written in the snow is "clean me", indicating the need to brush off the snow.

Solar Panels In Winter and Cold Climates: Do They Work?

I’m sure you’ve seen on TV or online that solar panels are the new green energy source for your home. You can use them to power your house, heat water, and even generate electricity! But do they actually work in winter and cold climates? The answer might surprise you.

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